The New Paradigm for Workforce Productivity, Efficiency & Performance

We are living through a fundamental transformation in the way we work. The future of work asks us to consider the biggest questions of our age.

  • What influence will the continuing march of technology and business digitalisation have on how and where we work?
  • How will demand for workforce skills change with the rise of AI, data analytics and intelligent automation?
  • As work becomes increasingly ‘mobile’ and ‘borderless’, how can organisations ensure continuous workplace innovation and collaboration through smart workplace designs?

Taking place in Singapore from 10-11 April 2019, the Future of Work Asia Summit will feature 2 co-located conferences zooming in on how the nature of work, workforce and workplace is changing in Asia.

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Featured Speakers


Scaling Enterprise Performance & Growth with an Augmented Workforce

Part of the 2019 Future of Work, join us at our Future Workforce Asia Summit 2019 to explore how you can build enterprise capabilities and future-proof your organisation with a smart workforce.



Reengineering business operations with a cognitive workforce to unlock productivity gains


Redefining key performance indicators to govern and manage your digital workforce


Deploying an augmented workforce to drive greater operational and cost efficiency


Redesigning core business functions for agile operations and sustainability in the long run


Building a hybrid workforce with AI and robots to drive organisational productivity and performance

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Building the Connected Workplace to Empower Collaboration & Innovation

Part of the 2019 Future of Work, join us at our Future of Workplace Asia Summit 2019 to explore how you can build next-generation workplaces to enable greater business performance and productivity.



Rethinking workplace designs and space utilisation to boost workplace productivity


Establishing a connected workplace to accelerate the speed of digital collaboration


Enabling collaborative workspaces through open-spaces and hot-desking to suit a diverse set of work needs and preferences


Cultivating a multigenerational office to attract top talents


Boosting employee engagement with collaborative tools to enable a high-performing workplace

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Key Conference Themes


Redesigning Work, Workforce & Workplace for the Future Economy


Cognitive Workforce Development: Optimising Talent with AI


The Rise of the Hybrid Workforce: Moving from Labor to Digital Arbitrage


Strategic Workforce Planning & Performance Management


Driving Transformation through Digitising HR & Enabling Workforce Mobility


Employee Experience, Talent Development & Sourcing


Smart Workplaces Driving Collaborative Innovation


Digital Leadership: Managing & Accelerating Change

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Why You Should Attend?

Interactive Sessions

Hear best-in-class practices from Asia’s leading organisations on redesigning their workforce strategy to ensure digital future readiness

Real Situation Analysis

Capitalise on the rise of AI and robots: Learn how you can drive organisational productivity and performance with a hybrid workforce

ISO Technical Committee

Master modern workforce planning with the latest workforce trends, tools plus insights on how you can tap into the potential of the gig economy

Reduce Costs and Improve Quality

Learn the ins and outs of smart workplace designs to empower communication, collaboration and innovation

Networking Opportunities

Winning in the war for talent: Gain inspirations on talent sourcing, engaging millennial and developing digital leaders

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