Business transformation executives quickly entered firefighting mode in 2020, scrambling to secure the short-term success of the business in the wake of extreme disruption. With no rulebook on navigating these choppy waters, many of us have adapted and improvised in the face of uncertainty. One thing that has become clear, is that the best prepared among us were operating on a fully automated, integrated and humanized ecosystem.

Hyperautomation offers the opportunity to revolutionize business collaboration, agility, productivity and profitability, by accelerating your digital transformation strategy toward a fully consolidated ecosystem. Driven by your organization’s greatest minds, acting on insights from some of the most intelligent and impactful technologies.  

Hyperautomation Live 2020 joins executives in technology, innovation and transformation fields, to explore strategies and insights through deep-dive case studies and interactive panel discussions. Learn how businesses can achieve a system of integrated advanced technologies automating end-to-end processes at scale, real-time granular insights into the inner workings of operations, a skilled workforce promoted to performing high-value tasks, and complete control of once complex and unstructured data.

Featured Speakers


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Assessing business readiness for the next digital wave..

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Aligning Hyperautomation with OPEX strategy and business objectives

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Humanizing technology: How to promote the workforce by deploying automation

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Creating a roadmap for transforming, scaling and accelerating automation

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Overcoming COVID-19 disruption and roadblocks and barriers to Hyper-implementation