November 13 - Day 2

**All times in EST**

11:00 am - 11:15 am Opening Remarks

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Driving automation within banking, financial services and insurance organizations is a little like turning a steamship. However, with the advent of both Fintech and Insurtech becoming swift agile competitors in the market, BFSI needs to adapt or die.

  • Pivoting quickly in an environment with many layers of clearance and regulation
  • Encouraging and driving a culture of innovation
  • Using automation to transform employee roles overwhelmed in administration to clearer high-value tasks

Drew Aldrich

Managing Director
American Family Ventures


Daniel Moore

Senior Vice President, Head of Operations
QBE North America


Robert Gerbin

VP Global Payroll Leader
Wells Fargo Co.

12:00 pm - 12:30 pm Customer Service and Automation: Delivering a Competitive Edge in a Growing Market

Digital banking and the insurtech revolution promises a rewarding customer experience, with the resources to onboard new business quickly and offer intuitive products to keep existing customers. This session will look at the ways digital tools can provide organizations with a competitive edge for their customers:

  • Using analytics to understand customer needs and create stronger products
  • From apps to paperless products, the tools needed to deliver modern products
  • Maintaining customer satisfaction with a customer-centric business model

12:35 pm - 1:20 pm ROUNDTABLE: Paperless Claims and Processing

  • What does a paperless customer (and employee) experience look like?
  • Technology: from OCR to computer vision, what is the tech needed to get there?
  • How to manage and govern electronic document handling and content management within a legacy system.

1:20 pm - 1:50 pm Networking Break

1:50 pm - 2:20 pm Applying Machine Learning (ML) to Solve Challenges in a Manual, Risk Laden Industry

Two challenges uniting banking, financial services and insurance are the strict regulatory landscape and the shared difficulty navigating legacy systems from cycles of mergers and acquisitions. ML offers an opportunity to both navigate and transform these systems, as well as provide greater transparency in a highly regulated environment.

  • Use ML to validate and protect company processes
  • Use ML to map and monitor processes in real time
  • Problem solving application of ML

2:20 pm - 2:30 pm Closing Remarks and End of Day Two