IA Canada Online Event Agenda


10:45am– 11:00am

Pre-Session Check

A good opportunity to log in to On24 to make sure you can log into the system to view the briefs & participate in the discussions

11:00am- 11:45am

The CoE Session

Establishing a successful roadmap and prioritization process Effective CoE and governance models Key change management tools to include in the build and transition

12:00pm– 12:45pm

Lessons Learned Supporting Digital Transformation through an Agile Framework

Bola Adesope has worked across insurance and telecoms industries facilitating digital transformation using agile methodologies, such as scrum and Kanban. He has experience re-designing organizations to help them prepare and deliver automation. This session will lay a foundation to the steps to success in ensuring an organization’s practices are aligned with its digital targets.

This session will discuss the critical success factors that lead to:

  • Turning a cultural mind-set around technologies, like RPA, from apprehensive to agile
  • Using the agile methodology to use digital transformation to create more customer-centered products
  • Roadmapping digital transformation from a people, process and technological perspective

Bola Adesope, Scrum Master and Agile Coach, Sonnet Insurance

1:00pm- 1:45pm

Augmented Analytics and What it Means to Automating Business Intelligence and Insights Generation

  • How to assess the areas of your organization that could benefit from Ml & AL data analytics
  • Which data to pull, how to clean it, and how to analyze the data so to reap the greatest rewards
  • What type of data team do you need and how to recruit and retain them

Sahar Nezami Senior Director, Data Analytics, CIBC

2:00pm– 2:45pm

Start or Re-Start: Going Back to Basics to Ensure Optimal Feasibility, Opportunity and Benefits

Top 5 things companies forget to address when charting their IA course and how to get them into your strategy without scrapping your current  program When going back to square one is in the best interest of the company

Hosted by Workfusion

3:00pm- 3:45pm

Develop & Maintain Effective and Transparent Workforce Change Management Initiatives

  • How to develop a cultural tone that enables your organization to overcome a wide variety of workforce change management obstacles that relate to various IA technologies
  • Partnerships that encourage successful communication between departments, staff, and stakeholders
  • Corporate and grass-root messaging that accurately speaks of the current/evolving role IA technologies will have in your organization and the effects they will have on your workforce

4:00pm- 4:45pm

Panel Discussion: Ensuring “Privacy and Ethics by Design” Principles in IA Software

As automated processes become increasingly embedded into organizations, and data privacy laws are put in place to protect consumer privacy, we place unwaivering trust that advanced algorithms will act ethically on behalf of their human employers. Without proper oversight and access authorization, this poses an incredibly high risk.

This panel will discuss the best practices for ethical machine management:

  • Changing standards: what can we expect around growing push for regulation around automation?
  • Proactively embedding data privacy rules in software programming How are privacy and ethics becoming increasingly associated?
  • Developing sustainable ethics codes of conduct that go beyond current regulation


Ofer Shai, Chief AI Officer, Deloitte

Claudiu Popa, Co-Founder & Chairman, KnowledgeFlow Cybersafety Foundation