16 - 18 June, 2020 | Berlin


Intelligent Automation Conference Agenda

Join the leading international AI & RPA practitioners in Berlin between 16 - 18 June 2020 for the 5th Intelligent Automation Summit, to discuss opportunities for robotics and how to scale-up RPA. Gain ...

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Presentation: Benefits of AI Chatbots for Customer Service

Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning capabilities have been instrumental for streamlining and optimizing customer service operations. What are the benefits of adopting chatbots for customer service? Read Find answers to this question by Fang XU, AI expert at the Deutsche Telekom. Read more here.

Report: Machine Learning (ML) from Start to Scale

How can data generated by Machine Learning be used to make predictions? Find an answer to this question by reading the report “Enterprise ML- Machine Learning (ML) from start to scale”, produced by the Intelligent Automation Network. 

Interview: Robotic Process Automation (RPA) in 2020 - Trends to watch

Robotic process automation (RPA) doesn’t sneak up on many people anymore. Find out about the challenging drivers for 2020 by reading our interview with Nina van Krimpen from Akzo Nobel N.V. and Lukasz Opoka from UBS.

Sponsorship Enquiries

Partner Presentation: Automation CoE Models - How to Govern

Learn from Raiffeisenbank's Dmitry Dmitriev, Head of LEAN, Process & Organization Management, by downloading his presentation here for free.  In his presention Mr. Dmitriev answers questions about Automation CoE Governance and addresses a range of related topics.Including:  What discovery activities covered both top-down estimates and detailed bottom-up analysis?OCR as a...

Expert Content - blueprism White Paper: Automate or Stagnate

A new wave of economics is emerging across the globe, driven by the rapid convergence of automation and Artificial Intelligence (AI). It is transforming how organizations view themselves. It is forever changing how the employees that drive businesses live and work. It is connecting talented people with the opportunity to...

Partner Content - 5th Intelligent Automation World Summit Program Agenda. Get the Info!

This four day, tailor-made conference, attracts the globe’s best and brightest decision makers in IA, RPA, AI, Process Automation and more!  Will you be among them? Download the preview program agenda and get ready to connect.  Event topics are organized according to the latest trends and demands.Get the Info:AI Tools...

Partner Content - Machine Learning: You have data. Now what?

With today’s gargantuan amounts of data – along with modern compute power – allows for next generation effectiveness of algorithms and brand new areas of application for machine learning.  Download Enterprise ML: Machine Learning from Start to Scale here and read about: ·        What are the challenges to data and...

Partner Content: 2020 Event & Sponsorship Prospectus Report - Intelligent Automation & RPA

Download the Sponsorship and Event Prospectus Report for the 5th Intelligent Automation & Robotic Process Automation World Summit 2020 to learn about this year's sponsorship opportunities. This prospectus also provides you with information on the key topic areas, attendee demographics, industries represented and the decision makers you can expect to meet at this conference.

Partner Content: AkzoNobel - Creating Value with Process Mining in AN!

Nina van Krimpen, Performance Optimization expert takes us on AkzoNobel’s journey and evolution by means of process mining during their GBS development.  What was discovered along the way and how has their transition brought value and success? How did AkzoNobel tackle their problems?  Are you a solutions provider? What would be your approach have been? Could you help?Questions include:What...