Pre-Conference Week: August 7th

FOCUS DAY: AUTOMATION CONTROL ROOM Monitor and Manage Many Bots at Once to Sustain High-Level Service Delivery

Whether your building them in-house or are currently sourcing a solutions provider, join this panel discussion in order to understand how dashboards can visualize and asses RPA performance for both improvement and sustainability. As getting RPA to scale is one of the most common challenges automation leaders currently face, this session is a must-attend.


Lisa Wardlaw

Former Executive Vice President, Chief Operating Officer and Head of Business Transformation
Munich American Reassurance Company

12:00 pm - 12:45 pm LUNCH AND LEARN CASE STUDY: Gaining a Birds-Eye View of Automation through Control Rooms

Getting a birds-eye view of bot activity becomes exponentially more valuable to automation execution when operating different platforms. As the market matures and utilizes multiple software suites and technologies, it's important to receive the same level of visibility of process performance with bots as with employees. Join this session to understand how automation control rooms give you the oversight needed to achieve high-level performance from your bots. 

1:00 pm - 1:45 pm HOW TO: Master Data Management for Greater Automation Control and Execution

One of the biggest roadblocks to end-to-end automation is the siloed infrastructure of different departments. Data management is a particular challenge when it is siloed. This session will provide insight into navigating disparate legacy systems for greater data management within your automation tools.