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View Your Event Guide - Intelligent Automation Week Chicago

Ready to see what's in store for Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2020? Get the very first look at our program with our agenda at a glance and see what you can anticipate this August.What's Inside:Day by day breakdown of program topics including workshops, interactive ...

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Post Show Report IA Week Chicago 2020

Check out the post show report for Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2020! Find out who attends every year and what you missed at IA Week Chicago last year. Includes attendee breakdown, company breakdown, our IA women movement, top 2019 speakers, and what to anticipate for IA Week Chicago 2020. To...

Anticipated Attendee List 2020

Review the Intelligent Automation Week Anticipated Attendee List for 2020 for an overview of the people you'll meet our upcoming event! Get an idea of the connections you'll make with industry thought leaders and the innovative solutions you'll discover. To receive a copy directly to your inbox email

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Intelligent Automation Week Event Series

Watch our Intelligent Automation Series event series to get a better look at what you'll experience onsite this August at Intelligent Automation Week Chicago 2020! Don't miss out on a week of expert speakers, keynote topics, networking with industry professionals, cocktail hours, product demos, and much more! To receive more...

Reports, Articles, & Whitepapers

SSON’s “How to” Guide to Process Discovery

Automation, or RPA, is driving significant opportunities for digitization across processes and the enterprise. One of the challenges and a common stumbling block, however, is identifying the ideal process candidate. Another problem is that enterprises find it difficult to take the next step to deploy automation enterprise-wide and scale. Even...

Enterprise Machine Learning: Machine Learning from Start to Scale

The path to machine learning is not always an easy one. Often, the lack of a clear understanding of what machine learning is and what it can do for your company leads to diluted and hazy KPIs, and miscalculated budgets. Get a more clear picture of the limitations of enterprise...

State of Digital Transformation 2020

The landscape of digital transformation is always changing. Grab the report to stay up to date on things like the importance of cyber security in 2020, what to do when there's a lack of ROI on your digital transformation technology, the most common regrets during the implementation process, and the...

SSON Special Report: Process Mining

A growing facet of good customer service is the result of reducing the friction in your internal processes. Friction within a business is normally the result of information silos and the need to stick to the idea of departments or factions within a company. Process mining is a constantly updated...

SSON Intelligent Automation Global Market Report 2019 (H2)

Automation in the past has been used primarily for simple tasks that involve a single business process. Over the last year, the push for automation to become more sophisticated has been showcased in the need to integrate the before and after processes into automation. This upstream and downstream process has...

Past Presentations: IA Week Chicago 2019

Scaling Automation at the Enterprise Level

For employees, automation can bring to mind job loss and cutting headcount. However automation does not necessarily mean replacing your workforce, but rather giving your employees the freedom to expand their skills and further the business model. Find out how to scale automation for your employees to the enterprise level....

Taking RPA to the Next Level - A Technical Perspective

From security set-up to bot building, find out how to take your RPA system to the next level as seamlessly as possible. To access the presentation directly, email

Mercer & Antworks Case Study

Find  out how Mercer and  Antworks use an  integrated digital ecosystem to bring out the best of their capabilities. To access the presentation directly, email

RPA Shift from Back Office to Front Office

Intalere explains how their front house automation strategy created revenue generating cases in healthcare through digital analytics and solutions. Find out how you can use their same selection strategy to grow  your bottom line. To access the presentation directly, email

Tapping IA Potential

Bose believed that creating  a great product meant three things,  better products, different  products, and courage. By 2020 more than  50%  of  technology costs will be spent  outside of IT.  Find out how Bose used algorithms to improve their processing.  To access the presentation directly, email

How AI is Changing the Modern Role of CFO

AccuWeather breaks down the changes that are being made to the role of the modern CFO. IA and automation are becoming used in business models more and more,  and it's important for companies to stay ahead of the curve. To access the presentation directly, email

Employee Impact of RPA at BMC

Find out how BMC  has reduced booking time by  40%, and has saved an 20,000 hours in  labor a  year. Learn BMCs practical goals and benchmarks and what they decided were  the key components of  implementing  RPA. To access the presentation directly, email

Collection of Past Presentations from 2019

Access Intelligent Automation Chicago's best presentations from 2019 to find out:The impact of RPA on employee experience though A case study example of a pilot automation strategy How chatbots changed Intalere's customer service strategy Front office use cases for Intelligent Automation How AI is changing the modern role of the...

Introducing Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)

Analyzing paperwork is one of the largest time consuming tasks for most modern businesses. Intelligent document processing uses AI and deep machine learning to extract data and information from paperwork and file it. Access the past presentation to find out how to implement IDP into your business model today. To...

Uncovering hidden ROI in Non-traditional RPA Progress

Most companies implement the same basic things when implementing RPA. While this is a good start, there are many aspects of your business that could use RPA to accelerate its processing. Check out the past presentation at IA Week Chicago to see creative ways your business could use RPA! To...

Resources for Solution Providers

Intelligent Automation Series: Sponsorship & Exhibition Kit

The Intelligent Automation Event Series spans across 5 events throughout the year, including function-focused events for HR and finance. Access the IA Event Series Prospectus for everything you need to know on sponsorship and exhibiting in 2020 like:2020 IA Event CalendarPast Attending Companies & SponsorsNew ways to stand out against...

Past Attendee List for Solution Providers

The IA Event Series flagship event, Intelligent Automation Week Chicago, attracts over 600 practitioners every year looking to implement and scale their enterprise automation processes. Gathering decision-makers from tech, finance, HR, healthcare, and GBS space, IA Week Chicago provides the opportunity to connect with buyers looking to source solutions like...