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July 27 - 30, 2020 | Illinois, United States

Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H2 2018)

Global Intelligent Automation Market Report (H2 2018)

Robotic process automation is becoming increasingly recognized as the “gateway drug” to digital transformation, particularly among the more advanced practitioners. However, the very fact that its impact is potentially enterprise-wide means it requires a coalition of stakeholders in order to be successful.

How prepared is your operation for broader automation deployment?
Intelligent Automation can fundamentally transform a business. However, according to a recent report, 50% of automation programs stall between 4-7 automation's in production (read: bots).

Why is this?
This 2nd report in SSON's Annual Global Intelligent Automation Market Report Series answers this question. It lists the inhouse "coalition partners" that are absolutely essential to automation's success; and highlights the Stall Points that will derail your attempts to scale. Download the report to discover best practices that have been acquired over the past five years of RPA implementations and gain insights on scaling robotic automation programs.

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