Intelligent Automation Week Emerging Technology Areas

At Intelligent Automation Week Chicago we are dedicated to putting the spotlight on the emerging technology that is transforming the way we work. This year, we are putting an emphasis on new tech that is changing the business landscape, including:

Machine Learning

How you can learn more at IA Week:

AI AND ML TRACK: Discover all the ways AI+ML can add some brain to your RPA muscle over two conference days with this dedicated conference track

SESSION: Teaching Machine Learning to be Diverse and Inclusive to Prevent Bias Against Genders and Cultures

USE CASE: Layering Predictive Analytics with ML to Improve Patient Outcomes and Hospital Administration

Using ML to Model Credit Risk

Removing 80% of Paper Driven Processes at Polaris through ML and AI

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION GROUP: Learn the Ins and Outs of Cognitive Automation (9)

FIRESIDE CHAT: Extend your RPA Investment with AI and ML

Natural Language Processing

How you can learn more at IA Week:

SPEAKERS: Kavita Ganesan, Senior Data Scientist for Natural Language Processing & Machine Learning, GitHub

Ankur Kothari, VP Cloud Architecture & Digital Marketing Transformation, F500 Banking Company

Sumi Thaiveettil, Senior Product Manager for Chatbots and Automation, Bosch

USE CASE: Combining Natural Language Processing with IPA to Revolutionize the Customer Experience

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION GROUP: Understand the Components of Conversational AI (8)

FIRESIDE CHAT: Transforming RPA and Extending the Customer Experience with Intelligent Chatbots at Bosch

Workflow Mapping

How you can learn more at IA Week:

WORKSHOP: Studio Session Learn How to Read and Analyze Workflow Maps

USE CASE: Delivering Straight through Processing at FIS with Process Discovery, Chatbots and Unattended RPA

INTERACTIVE DISCUSSION GROUP: Process Mining Introduction (5)

Process Discovery (6)

Straight Through Processing For Finance (13)