Craig Le Clair

Vice President, Principal Analyst Forrester Research

Craig serves enterprise architecture and business process professionals. He is an internationally recognized expert in automation, AI, and the future of work. His technology coverage areas include robotic process automation, AI solutions in financial services, and the potential workforce disruption due to these technologies. His 2019 book, Invisible Robots in the Quiet of the Night, has been met with wide acclaim. A prolific writer and speaker, Craig is frequently quoted in The Wall Street Journal, New York Times, USA Today, Forbes, and many other publications and media outlets. Dynamic case management, electronic signature, and customer communications management round out his coverage.  Craig brings a wealth of experience and knowledge to Forrester through his 25 years of experience in IT and business process transformation. Prior to joining Forrester, he was a vice president at ADP, focusing on next-generation strategies for investor communications. He holds a patent for electronic delivery of compliance information. Craig was also a cofounder of docHarbor, an early SaaS provider. He has both a strong business and technology background, including time at Mitre and BBN.

Main Conference Day Three - August 12th

Wednesday, August 12th, 2020

11:00 AM PANEL DISCUSSION Delivering Business Resilience with Automation at Scale

Join this panel discussion to understand how business resilience is becoming central to every enterprise’s strategy and get actionable insights on how automation, implemented at scale, is helping them in this quest, while delivering higher productivity and operational efficiency to create a positive business impact.

Panelists will also discuss how Philips undertook a large-scale digital transformation and automation of their F&A operations across the globe to achieve higher productivity, accuracy and reduction in costs. One of the largest automation projects in terms of scale, Philips was able to take giant strides towards achieving business resiliency with more than 140 processes automated across the globe to save more than a million person hours over a period of two years.