Rene E. Laurencot

Senior Information Manager, IM – Information Management, CTS – Clinical Trials Solutions, GPD – Global Product Development Pfizer


Wednesday, August 7th, 2019

10:25 AM “THE IA RACE” Part 3: For Intelligent Automation Developers & Likeminded IA Technical Enthusiasts

Train - If you are an IA Developer, and/or likeminded IA technical enthusiast, then join us for the friendly competition of IA technical challenges structured as a game that will require you to complete a series of IA Developer technical projects and tasks. To win the “The IA Race”, you must finish all the projects in the allotted time to do so and per the guidelines set forth by our IA Developer Bot Board members – as well as present your final results to your game peers (during Part 4 of the game). There will be several “The IA Race” categories to strive to be the winner of and prizes will be awarded to all winners!

Additional information soon to come!

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