Value-add will, in future, not be delivered through heavy expensive mainframes. Agility, accessibility, and "on demand" are critical objectives. New startups in the areas of artificial intelligence, intelligent automation, intelligent IoT, machine learning, advanced analytics, data management, chatbots, deep learning and RPA is where the future is at. 

Intelligent Automation Startups are growing steadily as enterprises leverage opportunities to tackle the need for digital transformation. Enterprise automation leaders increasingly seek optimization of business processes with the support of integrated technology that is best-of-breed and has a high level of transparency, customization, flexibility and domain expertise. Fortunately, startups are continuing to furiously innovate and bring immeasurable value to our audience in need of disruptive technology to take their operations to the next level and gain an 'early adopter" edge over their competition. 

The Intelligent Automation Week is pleased to launch and present the Inaugural Startup Zone – a place for early stage IA solutions startups to showcase their capabilities, which are leading to newer use cases in the market. This is THE perfect platform for Intelligent Automation Startups to take themselves to the next level. Attendees and sponsors will participate in deep-dive discussion to share best practices to enable hyperautomation, scalable end-to-end automation, successful integration, collaboration, and maximum innovation. 

Not to be missed is the PRESSURE TEST PITCH COMPETITION. Every participating Startup Zone sponsor will pitch in front of audience and advisory board members for a chance to make the final round and be awarded - Intelligent Automation Week Best Startup Pitch! 

Startups are eligible to sponsor the Intelligent Automation Startup Zone if they are brand new to IA Week, have an existing product, identify as a startup, company has 1-200 employees, achieved some level of funding and can show performance stability.  For sponsorship opportunity, please contact

For startups you have the unique opportunity to meet with more than 600 qualified buyers and be part of a world-class event with tailor-made sessions and networking designed for you!

For consultancies/tech giants you have the opportunity to Co-create with startups for business impact! Partner with startups to provide package solutions and domain expertise.