Interactive Workshop: Tuesday 25th February 2020

Workshop A

9:00 am - 11:00 am Improving Bot Maintenance And Governance To Sustain Post-Implementation Success And Tackle Risk and Regulatory Commitments

Shivangi Kamath - Head of Quality Management & Process Improvement, Process Excellence Group, TataAIG
Maintenance of the automation is amongst the most important challenges to maturing your Automation Programme.

So how do you ensure your bots are compliant and resilient to changes in the regulatory and business environment? Join this session to hear how to effectively manage new risks of emerging technology to capitalise on innovation.

In this workshop, Shivangi shares how she is supporting TataAIG’s vision in becoming a completely digital insurance leader by 2025. Specifically, she shares how she is using predictive analytics to support process improvement and bot-to-bot interaction.

Key Themes:
  • Identifying roles and responsibilities of process owners uplift governance and management capabilities
  • Driving continuous improvement through levering best practices
  • Maturing control and operation of RPA bots to effectively and safely guide bot behaviour


Shivangi Kamath

Head of Quality Management & Process Improvement, Process Excellence Group

Workshop B

11:30 am - 1:30 pm Developing Digital Workforce Capabilities In-House to Drive a Sustainable Team Commitment and Robust Change Management Outcomes

Whilst Automation and Robotics are well-recognised as significant value drivers, it is crucial to ensure the alignment of people, process and technology to strengthen enterprise-wide commitment. This workshop focuses on how to sustain team commitment and the digital readiness of your workforce. Moreover, it explores key considerations to ensure the collaboration of the human and bot workforce to optimise value-added process efficiency and future innovation capabilities.

Join this workshop to learn how to set up an effective RPA Team and developing technical and digital capabilities inhouse.

Key Themes:
  • Managing workforce engagement and expectations to ensure enterprise-wide digital readiness and cultural buy-in
  • Balancing classroom based learning with practical learning, through agile methodology and sprint testing, to ensure technical capabilities achieve practical impact
  • Upskilling the existing workforce to retain and optimise institutional knowledge of business processes and drivers
  • Allocating resources to developing the right talent to optimise ROI

Workshop C

2:00 pm - 4:00 pm ThinkBot – Your Toolkit To Building Cognition Into RPA Bots To Drive Straight Through Processing And True Intelligent Automation Across Complex Business Processes

Vince spent a lot of time at the cutting edge of AI initiatives through his time as the Head of IBM South Africa’s Advanced Analytics & AI division. His experiences have seen him tailor a well measured approach towards enabling true AI capability at Prudential Corporation not only at the front end but also within the business operations themselves that support various customer facing decisions. Organizations though have struggled to integrate various parts and systems associated with complex end-to-end processes to enable a straight through AI experience within their operations. In this workshop, Vince deep dives into use cases and examples across underwriting processes and various other business operations to show you how to truly make your operations and automation programs “intelligent”.
Key Learning Outcomes
-          Bringing true, cognitive automation into your internal business operations – developing a robust pipeline and opportunity identification lens
-          Overcoming challenges with integrating APIs, bots and various other systems and technologies across a complex automated business process
-          Pushing RPA beyond IF and Then decisions to ones that make decisions on data-supported confidence levels across decision outcomes