26 - 27 February, 2019 | PARKROYAL Darling Harbour, Sydney, NSW


Interactive Workshops – The IQPC Experience Explained

A workshop is offered in an intimate setting that enables you to enhance your learning experience. It is compromised of interactive formats that enable
you to bounce ideas off other delegates to create thought-provoking experiences and note takeaways that you can implement in your workplace.

Workshop A: Tuesday, 26th February 2019

7:00 am - 8:30 am Scaling from RPA to Intelligent Process Automation to enable Digital Transformation

Investing in transformative technologies such as AI or ML can be risky without proper planning, execution and integration. While most organizations have a foundation building for RPA, how does one actually move beyond this in a manner that incorporates intelligent automation sustainably and successfully? At Bank of The West, Girish has already set up such a foundation where the focus is all about “intelligent”, complex process automation and in this session shares how:

  • You can effectively chart a cost-effective & profitable operating model for IA
  • Delivering quick wins around IA for the business by leveraging your current RPA model
  • A use case using OCR, DocuSign and RPA was developed to improve banking processes
Girish Subramaniam, Head of Intelligent Automation at Bank Of The West (BNP Paribas USA)

Girish Subramaniam

Head of Intelligent Automation
Bank Of The West (BNP Paribas USA)

Workshop B: Wednesday, 27th February 2019

7:00 am - 8:30 am How to Develop use Cases Effectively to Smoothly Transition Towards Intelligent Automation?

The value of automation in the business is well understood, however it can be challenging to completely buy-in to the introduction of automation solutions without practical examples and results. In this workshop, you will be taken through how to build proper business cases that showcase the benefits of automating selected processes and how to work from the ground-up to ensure the right approach is being taken from the get-go.

Learning Outcomes:
  • Identifying which process is beneficial to automate
  • Working through use cases to advocate automation initiatives and benefits
  • How to set the right RPA strategy and structure efficient operating models to assist the transition from simple RPA to IA
  • Championing change makers to promote and share knowledge

  • Set realistic objectives to better manage funding
  • Educate your staff through development of solutions
  • Develop a scope for long-term growth and intelligent automation
Jothi Periasamy, Chief Data Scientist at MIT Sloan School of Management (US)

Jothi Periasamy

Chief Data Scientist
MIT Sloan School of Management (US)