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Top RPA and Intelligent Automation (IA) Vendors in the Market

Every organization has a manual process that can be automated to reduce costs and minimize errors. With the rapid growth of technology, more consumers are demanding cheaper and faster service, pressuring organizations to adapt or get left behind in the wake of innovation.

To this end, organizations can use Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to exponentially scale back-office output, while Intelligent Automation (IA) can be used to reduce human supervision required for more complex business decisions.

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New Horizons: What's next for intelligent automation

70% of corporate executives are planning to significantly increase their investments in AI-related technologies according to a recent survey. How can business adapt and thrive in this new world? This article explores key business realignment strategies, reskilling the workforce and new adaptations. 

The Real Intelligent Automation Journey: A Discussion With Leading Practitioners

Intelligent Automation (IA) is rapidly becoming the terminology used for digital disruption in the workplace as organisations move up the maturity curve from RPA to cognitive and Artificial Intelligent (AI). Hear from industry leaders from EMC, Barclays International and ANZ as they shared their experience through the IA journey and lessons learned.

Five Lessons Learned from Intelligent Automation

Wondering what the intelligent automation (IA) journey is like for high-growth organisations like GE, Circle K Business centre and more? Check out the article as the IA practitioners shared their insights, thoughts and advice through five lessons learned from their intelligent automation journey. Sneak peek, failure is one of the key ingredient for innovation and success. 

7 Ways AI Can Revolutionise Your Organisation

AI itself is a revolution. But do you know exactly how it can revolutionise your company? Dive into the conversation with industry experts for more. Featuring Electrolux, Unilever, KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Sun Pharma, Schneider Electric and Merck Group

Google, IBM And McDonald's On Their AI and RPA Journey

Artificial Intelligence is expected to add $15.7trillion to the global economy by 2030. What prominent leaders from Google, IBM and McDonald's - a few of world's biggest brands have to share about their experience in the field? Download to find out more.

Harnessing The Power Of RPA, Cognitive and Artificial Intelligent

"Intelligent Automation is a journey, not a destination". 18 of the most reputable global experts in intelligent automation have created a list of critical success factors for the IA journey. Download this pocket guide to be better-equipped with essential steps and strategy for a successful journey. 

What Does AI Mean For Your Business - Finding Your Fleet In The New Revolution

Successful implementation of AI means implementing strategies to help improve businesses. It means evaluating current business models and working to find a balance where humans and machines can work side by side. Read on for more insights. 

AI 2020 - The Global State Of Intelligent Enterprise

A cross-industry study of the opportunities, trends and challenges that will reshape enterprise over the next two years - researched and produced by Intelligent Automation Network - AIIA - A global network of thought leaders, industry experts and enterprise executives with a finger on the pulse of AI and intelligent automation

The Asian AI Awakening

AI is here to stay. But while you still may be thinking it’s just not the right time for your company to embark on this journey yet, governments in Asia are already investing in technological research for political motives, hoping to be dubbed the Asian Silicon Valley. Read on to find out why AI in Asia is said to be entering into a golden age

Intelligent enterprises through robotics process automation

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience. It considers:

  1. The potential beneficiaries of RPA
  2. Benefits that businesses can expect from RPA
  3. How can businesses create an effective strategy for RPA deployment
  4. Features to look for in your RPA partner
  5. Four pillars of NIIT Technologies’ TESS framework

Whitepaper: Why be content with partial automation?

Achieve last mile automation with JiffyRPA’s Machine Learning, AI and advanced analytics capabilities.