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When RPA meets AI

This is a question on a lot of industries’ minds as they get to grips with RPA and look to the next phase of intelligent automation. What does cognitive mean and how should it be approached? What questions need to be asked and what steps should we take?

In this article we chat with Tilak Banerjee, Head of Shared Services, Conduent India and leading IA expert, on going cognitive. Tilak shares his experiences on what teams should do to prepare for cognitive, what questions they should ask and next steps to take. 

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What AI Can Do For Enterprise

Early adopters are well aware that AI can enhance customer experience, effectively manage risk and compliance, and improve their operational efficiency, are now embarking on their AI journey to fully reap the benefits of this cognitive technology. This article will explore three of the key areas where AI can enhance business’ bottomline customer experience, operational efficiency and risks and compliance.

How these industry experts are succeeding in Intelligent Automation

Across industries, organisations are beginning to move up the maturity curve from RPA to cognitive, machine learning and eventually AI. However none of the successes of these technologies could be achieved without the dedication, creativity and collective actions of the people who run the show through strategic implementations to day to day management. In this ebook we speak to leading experts from Siemens, Conduent India, ANZ and Barclays to discover their journeys and experiences. The ups, the downs and the lessons learned.

How AI Can Mitigate Risk For Enterprise

Artificial Intelligence has huge opportunities in improving how companies are perceived through their customer experience journey as well as their operational efficiency. Find out how AI can help enterprise mitigate risks.