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What Metric Are You Most Proud Of?


Get to know one of our speakers, Claire Chiasson-Tyler, Vice President for Risk & Governance of the DevOps and Testing Center of Excellence at PNC Bank. Learn what metric she's most proud of and more!  

A Television Game Show for IT and Analysts

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

Why not provide analysts and data scientists, and the important role they perform, with more visibility to the public? Let's call the game show The Big Data Theory

A 5 Year Outlook on the Future of BFSI


Get to know one of our speakers, Denny Singh, Vice President for Digital Finance, Strategy and Intelligent Automation at Goldman Sachs. Learn what changes are coming to the intelligent automation BFSI landscape! 

What Technologies Are Really Disrupting the BFSI Landscape?


Get to know one of our bot board members, Joel Arnold, Director of Intelligent Automation Software Delivery, Travelers. Learn what's new in the intelligent automation BFSI landscape! 

Beethoven’s ‘Eroica Effect’ and Analytics

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

The adoption rate of enterprise performance management (EPM) methods is predicted to accelerate and it will have an effect similar to Ludwig van Beethoven's masterpiece - his third symphony, Eroica - on the future of classical music. What's the connection between classical music and EPM?

Intelligent Automation Tech Glossary

Take a look at the tech glossary for a full breakdown of the terms and acronyms used in the industry today.

Imagine Data Analysts with Superpowers

By: Gary Cokins, CPIM

If you are a data analyst or analytics specialist and you could have one superpower, what types of powers might capture the attention of your co-workers?