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2020 Program: Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services & Insurance (EQ)

From February 24-27, join decision-makers leading the way in implementing and scaling IA projects, and demonstrating an ever-growing number of use-cases. This industry-led event will cater across maturity levels; from those within BFSI who are early on in their adoption of automation, to those whose IA strategy is evolving, and those who are ready to learn more about the cutting edge of cognitive intelligence.

New for 2020
Personal and Professional Growth and Networking Opportunities

  • IA Women in BFSI: Pushing greater gender equity in our program and networking through an IA Women in BFSI breakfast, proper representation in the speaker faculty and dedicated sessions
  • IA Buddies: Facilitating peer-to-peer engagement, this opt-in service will help you build connections before, during and after the event, so that you walk away with a new go-to person on your speed dial
  • White Space: Sometimes the best part of an event are the moments between presentations when the audience can discuss among themselves the value of what they’ve just learned
  • Advanced Focus Day: A full day dedicated to laying the foundation for and implementing data-driven and thought-based automation
  • Continuing Professional Education: Up to 25.8 CPEs available to further your growth

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Intelligent Automation for BFSI 2020: Past Attendee List

Intelligent Automation for BFSI 2020: Past Attendee List

Take a look at the industry leaders who attended Intelligent Automation for Banking, Financial Services and Insurance in 2019!

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Justify Your Trip to Intelligent Automation for BFSI 2020

Justify Your Trip to Intelligent Automation for BFSI 2020

We want to help you get the thumbs up to attend Intelligent Automation for BFSI 2020!

We’re back and more excited than ever! And we know you are too. We get that management sometimes says that they don’t understand the importance of attending “yet another BFSI conference” or attending the same event you went to the year prior.

So we’re here to help explain why we’re hardly “another BFSI conference,” and how this year’s Intelligent Automation for BFSI program is so different from last year so we put together some details to help you receive approval from your manager.

Download the Word document we’ve prepared to help you justify your trip. Simply fill in the missing areas to personalize the letter, and you’re all set!