Mili Kapur

Corporate Vice President for Change Management New York Life Insurance Company

Mili Kapur is currently leading the effort to build Change Management capabilities for New York Life’s Center for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (CDSAi). Her focus has been on leadership buy-in, stakeholder engagement, and aiding adoption of statistical concepts for data science & AI projects. She has done so by focusing on the stakeholder journey and developing lasting collaborations within various teams in New York Life. 

Mili started her career with Accenture, as a Management Consultant, for change management in technology transformations. Through her professional career spanning consulting, media, healthcare and insurance industries, she has built an extensive knowledge of change management in business, technology & data science transformation. Mili says, “Change Management is an art and a science, mastering the art is what is challenging, as it must be molded to the company’s strategy and to the core of what a program/transformation is trying to achieve”.

Continuous learning is something she is passionate about. She is currently pursuing a Doctoral in Management with a focus on Strategy. Mili lives in Upper West Side, with her husband and 6-year-old twin girls.

Q&A with Mili Kapur, Corporate VP for Change Management at New York Life Insurance Company

Q&A with Mili Kapur, Corporate VP for Change Management at New York Life Insurance Company

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Monday, February 24th, 2020


Understand how the employee is being changed by the future of work
  • How do you educate people on the unknown? Looking at Data Science change management for existing workers
  • Mapping the change journey; understanding the downstream impact of changes, made upstream
  • Developing a stakeholder blueprint
  • Bringing stakeholders along on the journey to align both leadership and staff alike 

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