Intelligent Automation Bootcamp Canada 2020

27 - 29 May, 2020 | Toronto, Canada

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Intelligent Automation Canada 2019 Event Guide

Branching off of a successful US event series, IA Canada will bring a unique prospective for end users and solution providers alike. With a brand new speaker line-up featuring both Canadian and International speakers we will explore diverse set of topics tailored to the Canadian Market.

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Robots Are Coming: 7 Reasons Why Resistance is Futile

The march of technology is inexorable, which is why we launched the Robotic Process Automation Summit in the first place. If you still need proof that RPA will soon become the new normal, look no further.To receive a copy via email please contact

IA Event Series 2019 Calendar

The complete 2019 calendar for Intelligent Automation Series. At these events you will have the opportunity to learn and gain insights on all things intelligent automation, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, RPA, deep learning, and other technological advances. Attend th ...

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IA Event Series Sponsorship Prospectus

Our Intelligent Automation Event Series includes 8 events across multiple industries. Be the first to secure exclusive sponsorship and exhibition opportunities through Thought Leadership Sessions, Benchmarking Workshops, Innovation Think Tanks, Interactive Discussion Groups and more. Download the Sponsorship & Exhibition Prospectus to see how you can get involved today!

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IA Canada 2019: Current Attendee List

Interested in who will be attending Intelligent Automation Canada? Take a look at who has already signed up to attend.To receive a copy via email, contact

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Benefits of Attending IA Canada

At Intelligent Automation Canada, we continued the conversation with new IA stories and ideas, on a global and Canadian basis, from every industry sector using RPA, cognitive, artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies. Gain insights from our IA thought leaders on organizational change management, accelerating your AI mission, improving your...

Past Attendee Snapshot – Intelligent Automation Canada

Curious about who you can expect to see at Intelligent Automation Canada? We have you covered. From companies to job titles, here's a glance at some of the industry experts represented at our past Intelligent Automation events - many of whom you're likely to run into on the show floor...

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How Are HR Departments Implementing AI?

For HR departments, AI can reduce – or remove – repetitive, time-intensive manual tasks. AI, and the data it captures and interprets, can help shift HR from an afterthought to a partner in its organization’s growth. It moves decision making from an intuitive, gut-level process to one using predictive analytics...

Full Speed Ahead: Canada and IA Applications

Canada has been ahead of the rest of the world when it comes to research in intelligent automation and artificial intelligence. However, Canada is just now getting into the swing of things when it comes to implementing intelligent automation applications.In this report you will gain insights on:How Canada is researching...

Opening of 2019 and Anthologized RPA Predictions

RPA has a very important part to play as organizations are increasingly searching how to improve and modify their applications on a continuous basis, so everything that is repetitive and reoccurring in nature and is a sequence of steps, RPA is very well positioned to address. In this article, learn...


This report brings together the learnings and best practices acquired over the past five years of RPA implementations and provides a valuable guide to scaling robotic automation programs once automation’s validity is proven. You will learn:How to Determine the Health of Your Existing Automation Capability in Order to Scale SuccessfullyHow...

AI Funding in Canada & its Major Research Cities

Though researchers in Canada have struggled in the past with access to funding, the story has changed for artificial intelligence. In this report you will learn:Canada's top AI citiesWhat methods the top AI companies are adapting in CanadaCIFAR's four major goalsRecent investments in AI, and much moreTo receive a copy...

The Evolution of AI: Past, Present and Future

Have you ever wondered where the concept of artificial intelligence first started and how it got to where it is today? In this report you will learn the ins and outs of artificial intelligence through its history and present day information. You will also gain insights into the predictions of...

Artificial Intelligence: The Solution to Your Business Problems

Building a case for adopting and implementing artificial intelligence for your business can be difficult. But if your company is having issues that can easily be solved by AI, it makes it more of an incentive to figure out the best case to build. Download this report to learn different...

4 Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Affect Work and Society

It is a common fear that AI is going to takeover people's jobs - but will it? Regardless of your job title, AI will most likely be adopted by your business and creep into your work. Be prepared for the possibilities that AI has to offer and read to understand...

Deloitte Report: The Intelligence Revolution

In this report by Deloitte you will find insights on how the future of the workplace will be shaped by an entirely new force: the “Intelligence Revolution”, along with the steps Canada needs to take to become a global leader in this revolution. Gain insight on the technology disrupting the...

Intelligent Automation in Canada 2018 Report

Check out this interactive report by SSON Analytics on the Intelligent Automation landscape in Canada. In this report you will find:A snapshot of what shared services organizations are doing in regards to IAThe profile of the organizations that have implemented IA technologiesCurrent statistics of IA adoption in Canadaand more!If you...