December 02 - 05, 2019
Nashville, TN

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Exclusive Interview with Manulife on Intelligent Automation

Hear from Jasmine Tehara, Vice President of Business Optimization of the Investment Division at Manulife, to hear about their Intelligent Automation strategy, lessons learned, and what's next for IA technology at Manulife. Want the video sent straight to your inbox? Email for your copy. 

The "Practical Futurist" Michael Rogers on Intelligent Automation Myths & the Future of AI

Ahead of the last year's IA Week, we sat down with keynote speaker Michael Rogers to discuss his take on what companies should be doing now to prepare for the future of artificial intelligence, the importance of addressing AI bias, how IA could impact the future of work and advice for...

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Embracing Intelligent Automation

It's time to take a step towards smarter operations. It is high time to begin your automation journey and the first step is RPA. Learn more about the steps to take along the way, how other companies are implementing it themselves, and key enablers that will guide you towards success....

The Path to IA: Managing the Shift from Intelligent Automation to Artificial Intelligence

How prevalent is your transition from intelligent automation to artificial intelligence? Explore this report with research, state of the market, and state of investment data that will guide you along the path of an effective transition from IA to AI in efforts to keep your enterprise at the top of...

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