About the IA & RPA Series of Events

Determine the opportunities so to optimize the benefits

Intelligent Automation can provide your back office operations

The way we do business is greatly evolving and your organization can’t afford to be left behind. Intelligent Automation and the digital transformation of industry have not only upended the status quo, it’s becoming the status quo.

The Intelligent Automation Week New Orleans 2019 brings together 400+ executives at all stages of their digital transformation journeys, spanning multiple functional areas such as shared services, IT, process improvement, operations and more. While RPA is often the first tool to garner investment as it leads to quick wins with a lower investment, it’s only one tool in the overall automation toolbox. That said, this year’s upcoming event will cover the gamut of Intelligent Automation technologies including artificial intelligence, machine learning, cognitive, and much more.

At last year’s event, we learned from the Coca-Cola Company, BNY Mellon, LinkedIn, General Motors, AIG, Uber, NASA, McDonald’s (to name just a few!) about how awareness and adoption of Intelligent Automation is rapidly expanding, whereas the conversation requires further discussion and expansion.

And that’s exactly what we’re planning for the Intelligent Automation Week New Orleans 2019 conference! Join us for four days of content-rich programming led by a seasoned and diverse speaker faculty. We will address your greatest pain points, discussing the possible solutions to overcome said obstacles, and gain valuable insight along the way.

Topics of discussion will include, yet will not be limited to:

  • Opportunities & Benefits
  • Process Improvement
  • Project Management
  • Workforce Management
  • IA Payback & ROI
  • The Future IA Technologies

The program includes deep-dive and interactive Workshops, informative Case Studies, stimulating Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs), and supplementary track sessions designed to meet the needs of those on the business and IT side of the IA story, as well as a “Man & Machine” focus day that will give both parties a hands on understanding of how several IA platforms work on a technical level.

If you can only attend one IA conference this year, then the Intelligent Automation Week New Orleans 2019 is the one to put at the top of your list as well as your various IA teams’ list. Make sure to download your copy of the Agenda below.

We look forward to seeing you in New Orleans very soon!