3 - 4 March 2020
Hilton Marina, Fort Lauderdale, USA

[Presentation] Amazon: The Evolution To Becoming An AI Company

[Presentation] Amazon: The Evolution To Becoming An AI Company

Filmed at the Intelligent Automation Exchange UK, Cyrus Moazami-Vahid the Principle Scientist at Amazon Web Services presented the opening address on 'Modern Enterprise: The Evolution To Becoming An AI Company'. 

Amazon have really revolutionised shopping experiences over the last few years and are set to keep this trend up in years to come. Cyrus shared with us some of Amazon’s current automation projects in the computer vision arena. Amazon have released their first ever grocery store, Amazon Go. The Amazon Go Store is the result of 6 years of development. In order to build this seamless shopping experience, in which no money is exchanged and all payment is made on a virtual card, Amazon started by unifying the enterprise around a unified frame of reference. This allowed all employees at Amazon to see the world, and the shopping experience, through the eyes of the customer. From there, Amazon began reverse engineering. This was one of Cyrus’ key takeaways from the session – to obsess over the result you want to achieve instead of the technology and the tools that will get you there. Fast forward a few years into development and Amazon has created robots that can use computer vision to better predict the quality of fruit than a human can! Amazon have also introduced robots into their warehouses to help employees fill orders which has resulted in 50% more inventory in warehouses and 20% more efficiency. Weaving innovation into the DNA of the organisation is what Amazon’s philosophy on automation encompasses – all the way from employees to customers.

Watch Cyrus’ presentation to discover what it means to have a ‘Day 1’ mentality on automation.

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