3 - 4 March 2020
Hilton Marina, Fort Lauderdale, USA

[Presentation] DHL: Building A Seeing, Thinking, And Autonomous Future For Logistics

[Presentation] DHL: Building A Seeing, Thinking, And Autonomous Future For Logistics

Filmed at the Intelligent Automation Exchange UK, Ben Gesing from DHL presents the greatest challenge and opportunity since globalisation according to a study by McKinsey, with two third of revenue growth occurring through full digitalisation of supply chains.

DHL’s approach to tackling digitalisation had four steps. Firstly, DHL began to set up a digital business models by researching trends and piloting new innovative technology. By partnering with innovative start-up technologies, DHL can improve their operational efficiency and ultimately improve customer experiences. Using innovative technology like machine learning and computer vision, DHL are able to be predictive and get ahead of issues before they arise while also changing the way they operate and approach the logistics industry. There have been incredible opportunities for DHL to use computer vision for improved inspection, identification and maintenance of the DHL fleet. Machine learning has provided huge improvements in predicting air freight delay and the use of autonomous mobile delivery robots.

Watch this presentation to discover how by utilising a digital business model, DHL are creating the seeing, thinking, autonomous future of supply chain.

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