3 - 4 March 2020
Hilton Marina, Fort Lauderdale, USA

[Presentation] Royal Mail: The Lessons Learned In Process Simplification

[Presentation] Royal Mail: The Lessons Learned In Process Simplification

Filmed at the Intelligent Automation Exchange UK, Rod Chadwick, the Head of Process Simplification, PSAP Centre of Excellence shared with us Royal Mail’s vision was to deliver greater quality, efficiency and effectiveness across business processes using RPA. In order to achieve these goals, Royal Mail created a centre of excellence, devised of two teams – one focused on process simplification and another on RPA development. Rod’s process simplification team aims to improve process optimisation through the elimination of non-value-adding activity using RPA.

Rod walked us through the 5 step journey that saw Royal Mail create 3 robots in a proof of value that two years on has led to the creation of over 30 robots that are successfully used in various business functions.

Watch this presentation to find out how Royal Mail went on to build a business case and ultimately scaling up the technology.

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