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Are Shared Services a Prerequisite for Intelligent Automation?

Across Finance, Human Resources, and other Shared Service-oriented industries, professionals are wondering if SSOs are the necessary first step prior to implementing Intelligent Automation.  Mary Sue Rogers breaks down the questions everyone is asking, and dives into whether RPA, AI and Robotics (combined as Shared Services) make for a successful operation.

Artificial Intelligence: The Enemy or The Hero?

Humans all over the world have mixed feelings on the power of artificial intelligence and what it might do to society and jobs. Many are scared and afraid. What most people do not take time to do is research how it’s doing good for the environment, health system and governmental issues. Download this report to learn all of the different ways that artificial intelligence is contributing to the world in positive ways. 

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Why HR services needs intelligent automation

Intelligent Automation and humans working alongside machines is the new norm; support services focused on human resources are the latest way to not only save on costs but also increase efficiency and productivity.

Teaching chatbots how to do the right thing

AI chatbots are a great addition to any team's digital initiative to streamline processes and advance productivity. Still, chatbots are far from perfect and there is work to be done on communication techniques. This article details how the chatbot industry is transforming to evaluate the impact of bots' speech on humans...

Let’s treat HR services like a commercial enterprise would

An interview with Matthew Willden of Amazon's HR Services; Willden explains the importance of Human Centered Design thinking and why it's essential for HR professionals to take pride in the services they provide to their organizations.

Three Myths that Prevent Organizations Moving into Cognitive Automation

How can organizations come out of a self-imposed standstill on cognitive bots and unlock huge automation potential? Check out the top three myths that stand in the way of enterprises from scaling RPA and moving into cognitive automation!

AI 2020: The Global State of Intelligent Enterprise

The intelligence revolution is here - disrupt or be disrupted. Find out the top opportunities, trends, and challenges that will reshape enterprise over the next two years. 

It's 2018, Let's Talk About Machine Bias

The year ahead represents a critical moment for machine learning and AI, as algorithms become smarter—and more subjective. Is it possible to build machines that are free from human biases?