HR in the Age of AI

As artificial intelligence continues to be adopted in commercial environments, expectations of the intelligent systems we interact with on a daily basis are also changing. AI, and the data it captures and interprets, can help shift HR from an afterthought to a partner in its organization’s growth.

Four Ways Artificial Intelligence Can Impact the Workplace and Society

It is a common fear that AI is going to takeover people's jobs - but will it? Regardless of your job title, AI will most likely be adopted by your business and creep into your work. Be prepared for the possibilities that AI has to offer and read to understand four different ways that it can impact the future of your workplace and society. In this report you will learn:

  1. How AI can lighten your workload
  2. How AI can affect society
  3. How you can work together with AI
  4. Adaptation of AI

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Past Presentations from Intelligent Automation for HR 2018

A significant proportion of HR departments continue to rely on manual processes.That’s where Intelligent Automation for HR comes in. Learn all you need to know on the latest trends of IA in HR, how it can help you and your team, and much more! In preparation for Intelligent Automation HR, we wanted to exclusively share these presentations with you.

Artificial Intelligence Will Make HR More Human, Strategic and Innovated

We have all witnessed the evolution of the HR function, moving from a traditional department that hires, fires and manages benefits, to having the opportunity to be a “business partner” to support business transformation. Fortune 500 organizations have developed advanced HR practices that leverage strategy and operating models using talent, culture and leadership capabilities. However, technology disruption is challenging HR to design a strategy that delivers a different value proposition, one that includes AI, and to better serves employees and customers delivering value to shareholders.

How AI is Being Used in HR & Recruitment

Find out the benefits, challenges, and take a look at a roadmap for implementing IA in HR. There are also a number of quick, easy-to-use hacks that could transform your departments' processes. For more insight, view the piece and join us at the Intelligent Automation in Human Resources event this October in Orlando.

HR Focused on Digital Transformation, Less than Half Have Necessary Resources in Place

Despite another year of flat to decreasing budgets and headcounts, HR organizations are focused on helping their companies unlock the value of digital transformation this year, according to 2018 Key Issues Research from The Hackett Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: HCKT). But while most HR executives recognize the future potential of digital technology to transform the enterprise as well as HR roles and operating models, less than half feel their organizations have the resources and capabilities in place to execute and support their company’s digital transformation strategy.

4 Companies Where Robots Created More Jobs

According to the Pew Research Company, Americans don’t like the look of the future when it comes to robotics. There is a growing concern with the elimination of jobs as more robotic workers are 'hired.' Pew asked respondents if they were more worried or optimistic about potential automation developments. Those included:

  • Future where robots and computers can do many human jobs
  • Development of algorithms that can evaluate and hire job candidates