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The Humanity in Intelligent Automation

Historically, new technology has almost always resulted in the creation of more jobs, and the widespread incorporation of RPA will be no different. For example, RPA engineering and RPA developers areRPA won’t just create new jobs. It also has the ability to enhance current jobs, by providing human workers with the necessary tools to focus on high-value tasks. Read more about it in this E-Series.

The Humanity of Intelligent Automation

In this e-book from IQPC's IA Week Series, learn how integrating Intelligent Automation with Human resources leads to process improvement, cognitive transformation, and business optimization.

When HR Gets Intelligent

This report details how companies are effectively utilizing Intelligent Automation to transform their HR departments. The data is taken from the Intelligent Automation Week series' Intelligent Automation Dreams vs. Reality: 2018 IA Week Industry Survey.