Standardization as the Foundation of Intelligent Automation for HR

An interview with Mark Burgess, the Director of HR Technology Solutions at Honeywell International. Burgess will be a featured speaker at the Intelligent Automation for Human Resources event, running October 24-25 in Orlando, Florida. He will join other industry experts on discussion panels to cover topics including standardization, governance, HR and technology interactions, and more!

Using Intelligent Automation as a Strategic Partner of Human Resources

In this interview with Samit Nag, the Head of Human Resource Development Services (HRDSO) at The World Bank, readers get an inside look at what it takes to transform HR from a technological standpoint. Nag has experience taking The World Bank from basic RPA for HR services  to a full-blown intelligent solution. In his interview, he emphasizes the importance of keeping a human-centric approach as well as optimizing for the business processes.