Past Presentation: Setting Expectations and Engaging Board by Jonathan Patterson:

At the LEGAL AI FORUM 2018, Jonathan Patterson, Managing Director & Head of Development, DWF Ventures, presented a session on "Legal AI: Setting Expectations and Engaging the Board".

Many of the same rules apply when securing buy-in from board members as with all other employees.

It is critical to demonstrate how technology ties into strategy and the implications of implementation through a balanced, reasoned set of arguments. Particularly at board level, it is critical to have enough facts and data available to support your case as ultimately it is about considering what the board wants to know and helping them fully understand why they should be interested in investing. “It is fairly simple in the sense that it's just a reasoned conversation where you're trying to persuade a group of people to do something", states Patterson.

It is also important to consider that board members will approach implementation from a slightly different perspective, more often than not one which is much more strategic and financial in its orientation. “Having some of the firm's major clients echoing your points seems to have magnification in terms of value at board level", says Patterson, as ultimately firms are built on their customer base.

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