Download the Agenda l Legal AI Forum:

Download the Agenda l Legal AI Forum:

Attend the Legal AI Forum to gain a clear understanding of the business strategy behind AI for the legal sector.

Key challenges and topics of debate include:

  • Developing new ways of mapping ROI to deliver long-term and short-term success, and to convince your shareholders of the opportunities within AI applications 
  • Using innovation and legal technology to help create new markets through diversifying your offering to enable significant growth in 2019/20 and beyond
  • Shedding the fear-factor and creating an engaged, AI-enabled legal service team by implementing effective training and building a strong culture of innovation 
  • How to attract additional investment by effectively measuring the impact of AI on revenue, cost and productivity and other key performance indicators
  • Tips and tricks on how to avoid common pitfalls, mitigate risk and plan effectively by gaining a detailed understanding of ‘when AI goes wrong’ through our series of interactive sessions

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Legal AI Trends Comparison Report 2019: In-house Counsel versus Law Firms:

Legal AI Trends Comparison Report 2019: In-house Counsel versus Law Firms:

AI is now a tangible reality, offering the legal industry an opportunity to revolutionise day-to-day legal processes. The landscape of the legal sector is shifting with innovation and data driven automation moving ever closer to the heart of litigation delivery.

AI is predicted to become more widely adopted in the coming years. We can foresee that it will transform transactional and advisory practice teams as traditional players might reduce in number. In light of the rapidly evolving legal landscape, we have conducted a survey of industry professionals to gain an insight into the current trends in AI investment, implementation and impact. 

Download this exclusive trends report and get answers to: 

  • What are the biggest challenges law firms and in-house counsels are facing in regards to AI and related tools? 
  • What are the next priority areas to invest in? 
  • What are main objectives when acquiring a new AI tool? 
  • When are law firms and in-house counsel seeking to invest in legal AI? 
  • Difficulties faced by legal AI professionals when getting management to embrace AI 

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Download the Legal AI Past Attendee List:

Download our latest past attendee list to find out who will be at this year's Legal AI Forum on 23 - 25 September 2019 in London, UK. Budget holders from the likes of Legal & General, ITV, Royal London Group, among others, have already confirmed their participation.

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Past Presentation: Setting Expectations and Engaging Board by Jonathan Patterson:

At the LEGAL AI FORUM 2018, Jonathan Patterson, Managing Director & Head of Development, DWF Ventures, presented a session on "Legal AI: Setting Expectations and Engaging the Board".

Many of the same rules apply when securing buy-in from board members as with all other employees.

It is critical to demonstrate how technology ties into strategy and the implications of implementation through a balanced, reasoned set of arguments. Particularly at board level, it is critical to have enough facts and data available to support your case as ultimately it is about considering what the board wants to know and helping them fully understand why they should be interested in investing. “It is fairly simple in the sense that it's just a reasoned conversation where you're trying to persuade a group of people to do something", states Patterson.

It is also important to consider that board members will approach implementation from a slightly different perspective, more often than not one which is much more strategic and financial in its orientation. “Having some of the firm's major clients echoing your points seems to have magnification in terms of value at board level", says Patterson, as ultimately firms are built on their customer base.

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Podcast: The State of Automation and AI in the Legal Industry:

Podcast: The State of Automation and AI in the Legal Industry:

Compared to other ‘non-production’ industries, the legal operations industry seems to be a latecomer to the world’s chase of RPA (robotic process automation), AI (artificial intelligence), ML (machine learning) and predictive analytics.

The responsibility for the suppositional tardiness (at least partly) is the ‘silos’ mode in which legal operations existed until early 2010. The job of legal advisors was to tell the business what is legal and what’s not. And topics of business partnering, efficiency and automation were nowhere on the radar. 

Listen to our free podcast to hear the CFO/CAO of the BNP Paribas Poland Operations, Marcin Nowakowski’s industry evaluation on the three biggest obstacles in automation and AI adoption in the legal industry. 

Marcin has over 20 years of experience in service sector, including finance, legal, procurement, risk and compliance operations. He also has more than 10 years of outsourcing experience, and a coordinator of change management and legal project management groups.

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