The world's leading event for intelligent automation implementation in the legal sector online

In one of the most traditional professions, leaders in the legal sector are at risk of falling behind the curve and not fully preparing, embracing and successfully executing digital strategies that will become a vital part of their role. From recruitment, to process optimization, and even the evolving college syllabus for prospective lawyers, the daily work of legal professionals has taken a dramatic turn since the rise of IA.

The legal sector of the future is embracing digital transformation and technological innovation. Intelligent Automation is enabling organizations to bring new standards of efficiency, productivity, competitive pricing and client service. Paralegals, Lawyers, Litigators, Legal IT, Technology and Data professionals alike are now equipped with smart digital tools to better leverage resources, transform efficiencies and reduce costs.

Legal IA 2020 joins executives passionate about digital transformation in law, to explore strategies and insights through deep-dive case studies and interactive panel discussions. Join peers and learn how to take your organization from strength-to-strength with the latest automation, cognitive, robotics and data analytics capabilities.

Key Themes for Discussion:

Hiring, Nurturing and Retaining Talent in the Age of IA

Lessons in IA: Transform areas of due diligence, legal research, analytics, intelligent prediction and document digitization 

Deploying and scaling RPA: Optimize the time for workforce critical thinking, reflection and analysis on client cases

Creating a digital roadmap for the future: Design a strategy that adapts to changing client, compliance and regulatory requirements

Embracing business Agility, innovation and a customer-centric mind-set