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Five Objectives of President Trump's AI Executive Order

President Trump launched his American AI Initiative which directs Federal agencies to prioritize investments in research and development of artificial intelligence. The Initiative focuses federal government resources toward developing AI technology and ensuring that the next great AI inventions are made in the U.S. Overall, the announcement mentioned five major objectives.

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Transforming Defense Through AI & Machine Learning

The incorporation of artificial intelligence into defense strategies has already begun to transform NATO’s intelligence and surveillance capabilities, in regards to the gathering and processing of data to effectively identify targets.

In this interview with Dr. Thomas H. Killion, Chief Scientist at NATO, Dr. Killion discusses the key areas where artificial intelligence and machine learning have already begun to enhance military decision-making and accelerate the acquisition of actionable intelligence. Read the entire interview to hear his thoughts on:

  • How the synchronization of science technology with defense capability has shaped NATO’s approach to ISR
  • Plans for the future and a five year outlook on the use of automation technologies in the ISR space
  • Areas where artificial intelligence and machine learning have enhanced military decision-making and accelerated the acquisition of actionable intelligence
  • Commercial opportunities for improving remote-sensing, situ­ational-awareness and battlefield-maneuverability through AI and machine learning

Deloitte Report: The Path Forward: Operationalizing RPA to Automate the Digital Supply Network

As RPA software is embedded across the federal government, agencies are embracing bots as new ‘digital personas’ within their organizations. As these bots enable a new threshold of real-time responses and feedback loops, every stage of a supply chain can operate in union, achieving a truly networked state. Deloitte has helped federal organizations embrace RPA by employing industry leading practices to help alleviate challenges such as bot repair and software updates. Download this report to learn how the federal government is revolutionizing their digital supply network through RPA. 

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Intelligent Automation: Revamping the Government

Recent advancements of AI have put it on a path to drive the future of our economy in an era of big data. AI can understand, monitor, reason, predict, interact, learn and improve – which makes it a hot topic for implementation across both private and public sectors. There is excitement around many modern tools, but most government offices are trying to reach more basic modern operating standards. 

Download this report to learn: 

  • Six Strategies that can help Government Implement AI 
  • Government problems that are appropriate for AI applications 
  • Setting a course to implement intelligent automation 
  • and more! 

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AI: The Solution to Your Business Problems

Building a case for adopting and implementing artificial intelligence for your business can be difficult. But if your company is having issues that can easily be solved by AI, it makes it more of an incentive to figure out the best case to build. Download this report to learn different ways to implement AI to help with your business issues. 

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AI vs Blockchain Technology: Which is the Biggest Threat?

Do you have concerns about which technology you should be using? Learn the differences between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and gain insights to which is the biggest threat. 

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IA Event Series 2019 Calendar

The complete 2019 calendar for Intelligent Automation Series. 

At these events you will have the opportunity to learn and gain insights on all things intelligent automation, including but not limited to artificial intelligence, RPA, deep learning, and other technological advances. Attend these IA events to network and hear from thought leaders in your industry.