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Deloitte Report: The Path Forward: Operationalizing RPA to Automate the Digital Supply Network

As RPA software is embedded across the federal government, agencies are embracing bots as new ‘digital personas’ within their organizations. As these bots enable a new threshold of real-time responses and feedback loops, every stage of a supply chain can operate in union, achieving a truly networked state. Deloitte has helped federal organizations embrace RPA by employing industry leading practices to help alleviate challenges such as bot repair and software updates. Download this report to learn how the federal government is revolutionizing their digital supply network through RPA. 

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Machine Learning Transforms Defense

Dr Thomas H. Killion, chief scientist at NATO, discussed the key areas where artificial intelligence and machine learning has already begun to enhance military decision-making. Read his full interview here. 


The President's proposed FY 2018 budget includes $54 billion in cuts to federal departments and a corresponding increase in defense and military spending. The budget is set in line with the goals of the M-17-22 Memo, requesting the decrease and elimination of funding for many programs across the Federal government. Starting in February 2018, OMB will begin tracking progress on the Governmentwide Reform Plan. This infographic focuses in on how the changes are impacting seven agencies. 

AI: The Solution to Your Business Problems

Building a case for adopting and implementing artificial intelligence for your business can be difficult. But if your company is having issues that can easily be solved by AI, it makes it more of an incentive to figure out the best case to build. Download this report to learn different ways to implement AI to help with your business issues. 

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AI vs Blockchain Technology: Which is the Biggest Threat?

Do you have concerns about which technology you should be using? Learn the differences between artificial intelligence and blockchain technology and gain insights to which is the biggest threat. 

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Implementing Government Reform

A conversation with David Mader, currently the Chief Strategy Officer for the Civilian Sector of Deloitte Federal Consulting and the former Controller for the White House Office of Management and Budget (OMB), on executing government reform via automation and process optimization. Download to get an overview of his approach to helping government agencies improve service delivery to its customers as well as boost the efficiency and effectiveness of mission delivery.

Global Intelligent Automation Market Report

Designing for Enterprise Scale and Total Program Yield – if You are Already a Few Years into Implementation.

This in-depth reports covers:

  • RPA: The Gateway Drug To Digital Transformation
  • More Than 50% Of Automation Programs Stalled
  • Building the Right Relationships With Your Coalition Partners to Leverage Intelligent Automation for Digital Transformation
  • Stall Points – How to Evaluate Your Current Level 9 of Readiness Across Critical Areas
  • How to Determine the Health of Your Existing Automation 10 Capability in Order to Scale Successfully
  • How Are Technology Providers Supporting Production 14 Management, Operations Management and Design Authority?
  • How to Guide Your Enterprise and Customers Through the Change Journey


The NASA Shared Services Center (NSSC) deployed the first RPA bot in the Federal government in May of 2017. It has been a little over a year and the NSSC has started to make the shift from bot building to sustainment and scalability. The Intelligent Automation Services office has been experimenting with the right government model, day to day operations, relationship building with the CIO and IT, process selection, service offering and a myriad of other issues. Attend this session to learn more about NASA’s IA story.

Presentation by: Kenneth Newton, Director, Service Delivery, NASA Shared Services Center, NASA