Robotic Process Automation China 2019

10 - 11 December, 2019|中国深圳│Shenzhen, China

RPA Key Preparations │ Scale-up & ROI Metrics │The Future of  RPA

Many organisations across China have started to invest in Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to refocus their organisational resources and workforce on value-added services. Yet, many early adopters still face challenges in getting started with RPA such as selecting the right processes to automate, suitable RPA vendors and an operating model that best fits the needs of their organisations. Advanced adopters are also facing issues in building a Centre of Excellence (CoE) to push RPA into an enterprise-wide scale and progress to intelligent automation.

With this, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) China 2019 will be addressing the key preparations, success stories and key lessons learnt of RPA implementation, bringing you case studies from practitioners in the APAC region.

RPA 关键准备│扩大化和ROI指标│RPA的未来


然而,有一些RPA采用者仍然处于早期阶段,他们正面临的挑战包括选择正确的流程来实现实现自动化,挑选合适的RPA供应商以及创建最适合其组织需求的运营模式。 成熟的RPA采用者面临着建立卓越中心(CoE)以实现将RPA在企业范围内推广使用,并向智能自动化发展的问题。


Past Speakers Include:

2019 Key Conference Themes


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Top Things to Look Out for when Selecting and Implementing an RPA Project in China


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How to Secure Funding, Management Buy-In and Sustainable ROI for your RPA Project


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Increasing Process Efficiency Multifold by Having an End-to-End Implementation Blueprint


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Putting in place a Strong RPA Governance and Risk Management Framework for Superior Business Performance


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Preparing for Large-Scale, Enterprise-Wide RPA Implementation: How Can You Drive Long-Term Success?


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Progressing beyond RPA: Cognitive Automation, Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI)


Why Attend?

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The only RPA focused event in China with a regional perspective


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A one-stop shop in RPA implementation and scale-up: Discuss and explore the best way to capitalise on RPA in both front and back office processes to compete in the digital business era


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Gain actionable insights from both early and advanced adopters through  proven case studies


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Explore the next futuristic stage of intelligent automation with APAC RPA leaders from across industries

与来自不同行业的APAC RPA领导者一起探索智能自动化的下一个未来阶段


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