19 - 20 February, 2020
Hotel Palace Berlin, Berlin, Germany

What's New for 2019 at the Intelligent Automation Exchange?


Hackathons aren’t just for coders; these days companies use hackathons to promote a culture of innovation within their organisation and to foster new ideas.

At the Intelligent Automation Exchange, our unique format provides the perfect opportunity for senior level robotic process automation and artificial intelligent executives to meet old friends and new acquaintances. With our own hackathon, you'll be sure to engage with everyone in attendance over the most pressing challenges facing the intelligent automation space today! 

Delegates will be split into teams and a panel of judges will be on hand to determine a winner. Question – ‘How can you make your services more enticing to millennials?’ Teams must pretend that they work for a new start-up bank who is trying to engage the millennial generation. Each team must brainstorm ideas around how they can use automation and artificial intelligence tools to create a more enticing offering for millennials. There will be a prize for the winning team!

Enhanced Networking:

Here at Intelligent Automation Exchange, we understand that not everyone is a natural networker so we’ve put together some ideas that we think will help you get the most out of your time out of the office.

Seat Swap-

After every break in the agenda attendees will be asked to change where they are sitting and move to a different table to maximise networking opportunities and ensure you get the chance to speak to everyone at the event.

Story-telling Session-

Every group member will be asked to write a story about the best idea they have had during their RPA implementation and then they will share it with the rest of the group. Revealing, connecting, icebreaking!

Networking Guidelines-

Posters will be placed around the venue with our networking guidelines. These are just to encourage attendees to participate in valuable networking and get the most out of every conversations they have onsite.

Women In Technology Think Tank Discussion:

With recent revelations about the gender pay gap in businesses across Europe this subject has become more important than ever. This year you will have the opportunity to discuss strategies to tackle this issue head on and increase diversity and inclusion at the executive level and beyond. This is crucial for any business that wants to strengthen its social and economic development to foster a culture of respect and equality. The discussion will focus on the benefits of having a more diverse workforce and how we can achieve this within our own organisations.