Intelligent Automation Week focuses on YOUR journey across the realms of RPA and AI to allow you to overcome YOUR challenges with an eye for the future!

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Key Topics & Themes Discussed at #IAWeek:


Win support and show a ROI through successful RPA piloting


Maximise process mining to find the right processes for you to automate


RPA for managing risk and compliance


Develop an intelligent culture and build Centres of Excellence in RPA and AI


Converge Business Process Management with RPA


The benefits of automating after maximising lean management


Shift to cognitive automation by utilising data analytic solutions such as NLP and OCR


Chat bots as a quick win for enhanced customer service

Download the 2018 Show Report 

Inspiration & Innovation: The 2018 Speakers

Over 80 speakers represented the best from the World's largest companies and innovative start ups. We purposely find the executives that are in trenches, doing the dirty work – so they can tell you the why, how, and what they would change next time. Our content is all about your growth, challenges and education.

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industry leading speakers


practioner attendees


focused discussion Groups


In-depth agenda session