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Further Optimising RPA & IA to Deliver Greater Productivity Gains, ROI & Business Value

The adoption of RPA is increasing as the enterprises recognize the efficiencies and productivity gains from RPA. Today RPA is playing beyond that, which how it improves product and service quality, and how RPA add value to the business across financial institutes, retail, automotive, manufacturing, media & entertainment. Today, it is a shift of end-to-end process automation with the advance intelligent automation tools like OCR, OIR, NLP, and NLG.

In 2020, RPA & IA 2020 Online Event will highlight topics for both early adopters and mature adopters. For early adopters, there are topics on how RPA managers applying RPA in different processes and functions. For mature adopters, there are topics on how to scale up the RPA projects enterprise wide and progressing towards Intelligent Automation. Continue Reading

Hear from top RPA/ Cognitive Automation/ IA peers:

RPA Asia Online Event 2020 Top Readings:

Intelligent Automation: RPA and AI Report 2020


How Cognitive RPA + RPA Will Transform the Future Digital Workforce


5 Actions for scaling up your RPA enterprise


Real ROI and Measurement

Re-Assessing your RPA & IA adoption in your digital transformation and end-to-end automation strategy

Governance & Risk Control

Assessing the risk of adoption RPA + IA, building an effective operatingmodel governance for RPA & IA projects

Intelligent Automation

Leveraging RPA, NLP, OCR, chat bots, machine learning to support end-to-end automation

Process Re- Engineering

Redesigning the process in RPA & IA to achieve improvements in productivity process efficiency

Enterprise - Wide Adoption

Standardizing and scaling up an enterprise-wide adoption plan to apply RPA & IA

Future Workforce

Developing Next-Generation Digital Workforce in the age of automation

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