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View the 5th Robotic Process Automation Asia 2020 Online Event Agenda

Delivering Your RPA & IA 2020 Vision: Real ROI and Measurement, Intelligent Automation, Process Re- Engineering, Future Workforce, etc.What is in store for you at this year's online conference:Topics covering from the adoption of RPA to scaling up & IA will be held concu ...

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Read the Article - How Cognitive RPA + RPA Will Transform the Future Digital Workforce

RPA will have a defining role in how we set up our future digital workforce. From designing job roles, to organising work processes and practices, configuring offices and empowering employees, the opportunity and necessity for iterative change is all but impossible to ignore.

Read the Whitepaper - Redefining Digital Workforce Scalability

What is bot scalability? Are you as an enterprise embracing the new era of digital workers?  Download this whitepaper to understand why automation scalability is a stepping stone on your journey towards Automation Singularity.Key points to be taken into consideration while planning for a continuously evolving stable RPA setup 

Download the Exclusive Report - Intelligent Automation: RPA and AI Report 2020

How businesses are successfully adopting smart automation technologies and why they will disrupt process excellence?This report, bought to you in association with HelpSystems, aims to help you solve the challenges of incorporating IA into process excellence and onboarding colleagues to use smart RPA system.

Download the Whitepaper - From Procure to Pay - Let Intelligent BOTS Do It All

How RPA with cognitive capabilities can transform your rote procure-to-pay processes, and free up your employees to do more creative, analytical, and customer-facing jobs.

Download the IA Global Market Report 2019 - From task automation to intelligent automation

Automation in the past has been used primarily for simple tasks that involve a single business process. Over the last year, the push for automation to become more sophisticated has been showcased in the need to integrate the before and after processes into automation. This upstream and downstream process has...

Read the Article - 5 Actions for scaling up your RPA enterprise

Robotic process automation investments in Asia are showing no signs of slowing down. But to scale up, what are the main points to consider? What good habits do organisations needs to deploy? Download our ebook to find out 5 actions for scaling up your RPA enterprise. 

View the 4th Robotic Process Automation Asia attendee list 2019

Download the file to find out who you will meet this year. 

Download the Article - How to Implement RPA for Long-Term Value and Growth

We spoke with Michael de Vreugd, Regional Director, Asia Digital Transformation, Ageas, on how they are driving forward their automation program. 

Download Asia's RPA Industry Report - Where Is Asia on Its RPA Journey?

We asked industry leaders throughout Asia how things sat with regard to RPA within their organisations. What implementation stage they are at, What most of their investment focused on And their main criteria for choosing a solution provider.We also addressed the biggest challenges to starting and developing an RPA project...

Download the ebook - Further Applications of RPA and AI Outside of The Back Office

With more demand comes more innovation, new uses for RPA are being tested now that early-adapter companies have successfully finished their pilot tests, and are now gearing up towards scaling their use of RPA and machine learning within the company.In this report we explore tips for scaling up your RPA...


This exclusive eBook by SSON includes 5 articles and 4 expert interviews with Andrzej Kinastowski from Lufthansa; Niclas Sjöswärd from Getinge; Ricardo Badillo from Western Union; and Tuomo Sievilä from Nordea Bank. Download the complete eBook here for free:

What to look for in Robotic Process Automation Technology?

Robotic Process Automation: Back Office, Customer Services and Adminstration The objective of this article is to provide a view of robotic software technology grounded in historical context, and framed to support a useful evaluation of upcoming innovations. Find out more by downloading the article here!

Read 6 Predictions around Service Delivery Automation

Service Delivery Automation (SDA) is a hot topic today, offering significant potential value in terms of inorganic cost reduction and speedy implementation with low risk. As a consequence, many market participants, whether enterprises or business process service providers, are exploring the opportunities. However, the burgeoning SDA market includes technologies that...

Past Presentations

PRACTICAL MAGIC: Using Advanced Technologies to Achieve Results

Presented By: Stephen PoorChairmanSeyfarth Shaw LLP

Achieving Service Innovation & Excellence with RPA on a Global Scale

Presented by: Shiva PanchatcharamSVP - Service Delivery APACSutherland HC

View the Past Presentation - Automation in Logistics

Are you a practitioner in Logistics industry? This is the presentation customised for automation in your industry. Download and learn from case studies of CMA CGM group. 

View the Past Presentation - Building a 100% In-house Team vs. Outsourcing: Olam’s Adoption Path and Plan to Grow RPA

100% In-house Team vs. Outsourcing RPAWhat is your choice? If you have implemented, are you looking into scaling up RPA capabilities across the enterprise? Download this past presentation and learn from case studies of Olam International. 

View the Past Presentation - How SMEs or Small Operation Teams can Maximize the Benefit of RPA with a Limited Budget and Resources

Learn from the case studies of Crown World Mobility to maximize the benefit of RPA with a limited budget and resources

Building a Scalable and Intelligent Cognitive RPA Program with $150+ million in run rate reduction over 3 years

Building a Scalable and Intelligent Cognitive RPA Program with $150+ million in run rate reduction over 3 years• Developing enterprise readiness to reap the benefits of cognitive RPA• Integrating RPA with cognitive capabilities to advance operational efficiency and accuracy• Case studies for cognitive RPA applications in compliance processing, payments processing...

Past Presentation: Ensuring RPA Integration with Legacy Systems, Current Processes and Operations

Ensuring RPA Integration with Legacy Systems, Current Processes and OperationsImplementing task automation across the enterprise and approaches on resolving integration challengesImproving process agility and operational excellence through Digital Productivity Platforms - Electrolux’s IT shared Services Lessons learnt from Electrolux on RPA rollout roadmap Presented by: Vihang Shah, Head-CoE, Digital Productivity,...

Past Presentation: Enabling Judgment-Based RPA with AI and Machine Learning

Enabling Judgment-Based RPA with AI and Machine Learning•       Acquiring and readying information assets to integrate RPA with AI and machine learning applications•       Reconfiguring process, people and technology to ensure cognitive RPA success•       Harnessing RPA self-learning and assessment capabilities for improved decision-making and resultsPresented by:...

Additional Content

Download the Report - Artificial Intelligence in Asia: State of the Industry and Future Strategy

A growing number of companies in APAC have recognised the potential of AI for a multitude of functions, including the improvement of customer experience, better decision-making speed and quality, and the reduction of overall operational costs. Read about the greatest challenges in implementing AI, and the secrets to a successful...

New Horizons: What's next for intelligent automation

In this article we explore how to adapt and thrive in this new world. Exploring business realignment strategies, reskilling the workforce and new adaptations. Businesses need to begin these strategies now because the future is created by what we do today, not tomorrow. 

The little guide of big 'IAdeas': Intelligent automation in the digital workforce

This guide offers helpful explanations to give you a deeper understanding of AI, digital labor and the virtual workforce—as well as the role of governance in AI implementation.The evolution of artificial intelligenceThe virtual workforceIntelligent orchestrationGoverned learning

How to implement intelligent automation: A simple guide for smart humans

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner Thoughtonomy, is designed to demonstrate how organizations can realize the benefits of intelligent automation in helping to achieve their ambitions—from reducing operating costs to driving revenue growth, and from improved customer experience to creating a happier workforce—by considering the following key elements: The problem...

Intelligent Automation as a journey, not a destination

But what exactly is the framework for intelligent automation? What are the components of the IA bucket? What percentages of processes are we looking at for these differing technologies within organisations? And, crucially, how do we succeed in IA? All this and more is explored in our infographic, using expert knowledge...

Intelligent enterprises through robotics process automation

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience. It considers:The potential beneficiaries of RPABenefits that businesses can expect from RPAHow can businesses create an effective strategy for RPA deploymentFeatures to look for in your...

Why These Top Lessons Learned Are Crucial For Intelligent Automation

Enjoy insight and advice from thought-leaders in the field as the AI & Intelligent Automation Network asks key practitioners for five lessons learned from their intelligent automation journey.

Whitepaper: Why be content with partial automation?

Achieve last mile automation with JiffyRPA’s Machine Learning, AI and advanced analytics capabilities.

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Find out who attended the 2018-2019 RPA events.

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Need help in getting approval to attend? We appreciate that time out of the office can be difficult to justify, especially with the constant pressure of return on investment and time. This is why we have put together this short letter for you to use in your internal decision-maing process, if...

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