A Whitepaper on the Future of RPA

By: Megan Shaw

The future of Robotic process automation is a huge topic for businesses globally who want to keep pace with technological developments, but for now it looks as though RPA is here to stay with numerous studies predicting the market worth of RPA will keep growing at an intense rate over the coming years.There is more growth on the horizon for robotic technologies as industry experts are asking how RPA can collaborate with intelligent technologies to develop a more advanced tool. This paper, with the aid of three industry experts, aims to show how RPA is going to develop over the coming years.

The Current Abilities

RPA technologies are renowned for providing quick and effective results following their implementation into a business and in their current form robotic automation technologies are predicted to have an economic impact on businesses of between $5.2 and $6.7 trillion by 2025 (UiPath). KLP have reported that one of their active robots had [...]

You can continue to read more about what is in store for the Future of RPA with insights from industry insiders at KLP, Equinor and Danske Bank, download the full paper here.

A Whitepaper on the Future of RPA with contributions from KLP, Equinor and Danske Bank Download the Full Paper

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