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IA Nordics Summit 2020: Official Event Agenda

Realising the Business Benefits of Robotic and Cognitive Technologies

Industry Insights

Shifting the focus from RPA to AI: A Conversation with Ericsson

As companies at mature stages of their digital transformation begin to experiment with new technologies, we look at how Ericsson are beginning to shift their focus from the traditional use of Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence. Alexander Hübel, Ericsson’s current head of Global Automation and AI transformation talks to...

The Future of RPA

Discover our exclusive Whitepaper discussing the Future of RPA with contributions from KLP, Equinor and Danske Bank.The future of Robotic Process Automation is a huge topic for businesses across the globe and whilst it looks like robotic automation is here to stay for the mean time, there are more advanced...

Telia Case Study

·         Telia have discovered a bot that could completely change the landscape of Intelligent Automation. One year after implementing a bot that cost the company $60, they business had made €5 million in savings. We spoke to Jarno Kekäläinen to find out how this bot has been implemented at Telia...

Intelligent Automation: Nordic Challenges

Automation is not easy, but the payoff can be huge.Intelligent Automation (IA) is a vital part of the Nordic region’s future, but what are the advantages and challenges of using IA in the Nordics?We interviewed four leaders in automation from across the region to find out what each views as...

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2020 Business Development Pack

Share your solution to your target audience at a time when they are most actively engaged. Discover why who attends and the unique sponsorship opportunities available at the #1 event for IA Nordic professionals. Sponsorship packages can come in many shapes and our expert team will help you develop a...

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