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Evolutionary Thinking on the Agenda at IA Nordics 2019: Post-Show Report

The 3rd Annual Intelligent Automation (IA) Nordics event found itself in Copenhagen, Denmark, March 2019, and featured an agenda to showcase evolutionary thinking around deploying and scaling robotic process automation (RPA) to harness your technology ecosystem.

The wave of IA is continuing to grow and won’t be stopping any time soon! You either embrace it - learn to ride the surf - or are swallowed up and left behind in its wake. In light of this rapidly evolving landscape the Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation Network provides an overview of the key highlights from the 2019 agenda so you can successfully make a start on your business transformation journey.

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Other key benefits to downloading the full report:

  • An overview of key topics to ensure you can maximise the potential to transform your organisation's intelligent automation capabilities by covering the entire spectrum
  • An understanding of how to work together to achieve your marketing objectives and business goals

Driving Business Value with Intelligent Automation

The Nordic region has reached a stage of robotic process automation (RPA) awareness where the early adopters are scaling up their operations, and the most conservative businesses are realising they need to jump aboard or risk losing out to the competition. However, the more advanced Nordic businesses have identified intelligent automation (IA) to represent the next generation of enterprise automation solutions, which will maximise their return on investment when strategically applied with the appropriate capabilities to leverage.

Drawing on results from a panel of senior executives from a variety of sectors including, financial services, manufacturing and telecom services, among others, the Artificial Intelligence & Intelligent Automation Network analyses best practices for Nordic companies looking to drive efficiencies and productivity gains through investment in the next generation of enterprise automation solution.

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Other key benefits of downloading the infographic:

  • An overview of where IA has the most potential to digitally transform your organisation
  • Develop a broad understanding of the key areas for investment in the RPA and IA
  • An analyse of the greatest challenges facing IA today with commentary on the most effective solutions that can be implemented to improve your strategy

Shifting the focus from RPA to AI: A Conversation with Ericsson

As companies at mature stages of their digital transformation begin to experiment with new technologies, we look at how Ericsson are beginning to shift their focus from the traditional use of Robotic Process Automation to Artificial Intelligence. Alexander Hübel, Ericsson’s current head of Global Automation and AI transformation talks to us about their automation journey and their plans for the future of the organisation when it comes to Artificial Intelligence.

Discover how Ericsson are navigating this shift from RPA to AI and what is expected from the future of technology at their organisation, as well as:

  • Where an industry expert believes the Nordics are positioned globally in their knowledge of Intelligent Automation
  • What geographically specific challenges the Nordics are facing and how this affects the shift from RPA to more advanced technologies 
  • How Ericsson plan on leading the shift from using RPA to tackling AI tools

The Future of RPA

Discover our exclusive Whitepaper discussing the Future of RPA with contributions from KLP, Equinor and Danske Bank.The future of Robotic Process Automation is a huge topic for businesses across the globe and whilst it looks like robotic automation is here to stay for the mean time, there are more advanced developments on the horizon.

Telia Case Study

·         Telia have discovered a bot that could completely change the landscape of Intelligent Automation. One year after implementing a bot that cost the company $60, they business had made €5 million in savings. We spoke to Jarno Kekäläinen to find out how this bot has been implemented at Telia and to learn how this small, low-cost bot could help SMEs all across the Nordics change their relationships with robotics, for the better.

Intelligent Automation: Nordic Challenges

Automation is not easy, but the payoff can be huge.

Intelligent Automation (IA) is a vital part of the Nordic region’s future, but what are the advantages and challenges of using IA in the Nordics?
We interviewed four leaders in automation from across the region to find out what each views as the biggest threat is for the coming year, whether it be regulations or the need for data management.
We discussed:
  • Automation in the Nordic governmental sector, and the current barriers blocking innovation
  • The structure of Shared Services across the region, and why they are prime for automation
  • Why big data can be a blessing and a curse