2019 Sponsors & Exhibitors

2019 Sponsors Include:

Website: https://bizcon.dk/

Bizcon combine best of breed consultancy with market leading IT solutions. We give you insight into your business with our 360° solution from locating issues and areas of improvement to redesigning, improving, automating and governing your business processes. We believe that decisions should be fact based and we help our... Read More

Blue Prism
Website: https://www.blueprism.com

In this digital era where start-ups are constantly disrupting markets, only the most agile and innovative enterprises survive and thrive. At Blue Prism, we pioneered Robotic Process Automation (RPA), emerging as the trusted and secure intelligent automation choice for the Fortune 500 and public-sector market. Now we bring you connected-RPA supported by... Read More

Website: https://www.celonis.com/

Celonis Process Mining is a big-data analytics technology powered by AI and Machine Learning, designed to help optimize complex business processes. Celonis analyzes transactional data from your existing IT infrastructure in real time to automatically generate a digital twin of any process with 100% transparency, exposing all hidden inefficiencies and... Read More

Digital Workforce
Website: https://digitalworkforce.com

Digital Workforce is a leading service provider specialising in Intelligent Process Automation (IPA) services on an industrial scale. Our intelligent Digital Workers have been used to automate over 1000 knowledge work processes in large organisations across industries freeing up human employees’ time for more valuable work and bringing hours back... Read More

Website: https://www.ey.com

In a world of unprecedented change, EY Advisory believes a better working world means helping clients solve big, complex industry issues and capitalize on opportunities to grow, optimize and protect their businesses. From C-suite and functional leaders of multinationals to disruptive innovators and emerging market small and medium-sized enterprises, EY... Read More

Implement Consulting Group
Website: www.implementconsultinggroup.com

A leading Nordic-based management consultancy with global reach. We help organisations change – faster and with greater impact. We balance automation expertise and delivery, with organisational dynamics and change management. For almost 20 years, we have applied this approach to thousands of projects in public and private organisations across the... Read More

Website: https://www.nice.com/websites/rpa/

NICE Ltd (Nasdaq:NICE) is the worldwide leading provider of both cloud and on-premises enterprise software solutions that empower organizations to make smarter decisions based on advanced analytics of structured and unstructured data. NICE Ltd helps organizations of all sizes deliver better customer service, ensure compliance, combat fraud and safeguard citizens.... Read More

Website: http://www.Softomotive.com

Softomotive is one of the leading worldwide providers of Robotic Process Automation solutions, trusted by more than 8,000 companies worldwide. Softomotive recognises that when it comes to automation one size does not fit all. We are the only provider of process automation technology to offer a portfolio of solutions designed... Read More

Website: https://www.v2solutions.com/robotic-process-automation/

V2Solutions is a technology solutions provider transforming businesses of our global clients and partners with futuristic solutions. We closely work with them right from navigating thru the maze of tech automation; charting their technology roadmap and building intelligent automation solutions with RPA including advanced ML & AI integrations to achieve... Read More