Building a RPA Centre of Excellence

An RPA Centre of Excellence is the next phase of growth for an organisation who has embarked upon automation. A CoE enables a long term plan and strategic view. It brings independence and the possibility of scalability. But what are the key elements? How do you go about building one?

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5 Successful Use Cases on RPA Implementation

Robot Process Automation (RPA) is already making a huge impact on the way businesses configure their front, mid, back office operations and processes.

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Automated Efficacy: The Tangible Benefits of RPA Adoption

Recent forecasts put the APAC region as the fastest growth area for RPA with the market expected to top $6.2 billion by 2023. With rapid adoption and significant market growth expected in the region, the fundamental question remains: what can RPA offer APAC companies? In this article we focus on three key areas where RPA is making considerable improvements in organisations; cost reduction, efficiency and customer satisfaction. 

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The winning RPA formula

Forget the proof of concept for a minute. What RPA implementation needs is a lot of preparation work. The more foundation work you do, the better the long term results. Focus on people and processes, as well as the technology. How are they all going to adopt to automation? Off the back of the 3rd RPA and Intelligent Automation event, we bring you exclusive insight from leaders in the industry on what you can do to create a winning formula to bring RPA into your organisation. 

5 reasons why RPA projects fail

In this article, we share five top reasons why RPA projects commonly fail to help you navigate your next project. Click here to read more.

How Not To Fail at RPA

Rajan Kumar, Principal Architect at DHL, described the key stages in RPA process, highlighting what could go wrong and how to avoid it.