25 - 26 March, 2020
Manila, Philippines

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View Preliminary Agenda - RPA Philippines 2020

The Philippines is currently one of Asia’s leading markets for RPA, where industries such as shared services, BPO and manufacturing are thriving.While RPA was relatively new just a few years ago, in 2020 organisations in the Philippines no longer need convincing on the ...

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Eliminating Hurdles To Scaling RPA

In this article, Steve Harris, Managing Director, ANZ Global Services and Operations Philippines, spoke about how shared services practitioners can scale up this robotic capability across the enterprise.Here are 5 tips to build scalability into your automation operations: Governance Guides GrowthFreeing Capacity To Accelerate RPAEmpowerement Drives ImplementationsLeveraging The Power Of Robotics...

Intelligent enterprises through robotics process automation

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner NIIT Technologies, takes a look at how RPA is critical to enhancing efficiency and improving customer experience. It considers:The potential beneficiaries of RPABenefits that businesses can expect from RPAHow can businesses create an effective strategy for RPA deploymentFeatures to look for in your...

Robots and automation deliver better human experience

In this episode of The AI Network Podcast, Vytis Ciemnolonskis, Director of Digital Operations at Western Union Processing in Lithuania, joins host Seth Adler to share the impact of management buy-in and executive sponsorship on the outcomes of automating.

How to implement intelligent automation: A simple guide for smart humans

This whitepaper, produced by AIIA Network partner Thoughtonomy, is designed to demonstrate how organizations can realize the benefits of intelligent automation in helping to achieve their ambitions—from reducing operating costs to driving revenue growth, and from improved customer experience to creating a happier workforce—by considering the following key elements: The problem...

The little guide of big 'IAdeas': Intelligent automation in the digital workforce

This guide offers helpful explanations to give you a deeper understanding of AI, digital labor and the virtual workforce—as well as the role of governance in AI implementation.The evolution of artificial intelligenceThe virtual workforceIntelligent orchestrationGoverned learning

An RPA state of mind

Robotic process automation (RPA) is a hot topic in a myriad of industries. If you are still wondering what RPA is, the benefits of RPA or how to get started on implementing an RPA solution here's a 101 breakdown. The infographic gives a brief overview of the basics of RPA.

The RPA lifecycle

Implementing Robotic Process Automation (RPA) can provide a host of benefits for firms globally, but how does a business go about forming an RPA solution? And how do you know what to do when you come to a fork in the road?

Why automation fails: Q&A with Cortex’s Jonathan Hobday

As decision makers face waves of competing information and mounting fears of robots, could the automation industry actually be headed in the wrong direction? We sat down with Jonathan Hobday, Sales Director at Cortex, to discuss why automation fails, the biggest challenges facing the industry right now and how he plans...

Tips on Scaling RPA from the Philippines

Last year, SSON posted an article online that championed “operationalising RPA” as the right solution for Shared Services centres in the Philippines. Given that traditional service delivery models in the Philippines were built on low-cost FTEs and linguistic capability, the automation wave engulfing support services meant these opportunities were no...

Past Presentation Slides

Implementing effective bot authorisation management to enable greater scheduling flexibility & shorten deployment time by 2 weeks

Presented by Jeremy Ware, Vice President for Business Intelligence and Innovation, Transcom Worldwide

Developing a robust RPA governance & operating model framework for long-term sustainability

Presented by Martin Francisco Mayo Gamboa, Head of Transformation, Panalpina Global Business Services 

Building a Center of Excellence for RPA to scale up enterprise level automation

Presented by Dan Victorre M Ruiz, RPA Program Manager, Merck Business Solutions Asia Inc. 

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How do we go from RPA to Cognitive?

This is a question on a lot of industries’ minds as they get to grips with RPA and look to the next phase of intelligent automation. What does cognitive mean and how should it be approached? What questions need to be asked and what steps should we take?In this article...

Why improving process before automation is paramount for RPA success

If the goal is to redesign or improve a process, RPA alone can’t fix it.  To create a successful automation strategy you need to go back to level zero to contemplate overall process improvement. In this content we explore why improving your processes before RPA implementation is paramount to its success....

Why Your RPA Bots Need OCR Integration?

OCR has been labeled as RPA’s sidekick in the fight against unstructured data because of how it can help RPA bots make sense of processes that still rely on physical inputs. OCR technology can translate data from scanned in documents into a format that the bots can understand.  In this...

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