Actual Corporate Enterprise Practitioner Case Studies

Three Featured Case Studies From the AI Universe

Seth Adler

The AI Universe features actual cases studies from corporate enterprise AI & IA practitioners presented from their solution providing partners.

Though published public corporate enterprise practitioner case studies are few and far between, we’ve selected three from the AI Universe.

And so, while the three featured case studies from the AIU follow, you can access all of the case studies by logging in or joining AIIA:

A large Indian bank reduced the new account process from 8 days to 1 day:

  • A 700% Reduction in Total Turnaround Time
  • A 300% Increase in Productivity
  • A 75% Accuracy on Handwritten Application

Based on:

  • Reading and extracting multiple data formats like, signatures, photographs, hand written forms and printed text
  • The ability to transform the data using business rules and transport it into a government system for customers approval request


  • Cognitive machine reading • Querying and procuring approvals from the government site
  • Recognizing any pattern

Hewlett Packard automated the tax process in Brazil:

  • USD 100K annual cost savings
  • 85% effort reduction for overall tax processes

Based on:

  • Automating the extraction of invoice data received from a third party • Automating the validation data with local government websites
  • Automating error flagging flagged and returning errors to third party provider via email to fix and resubmit


  • Improving the requirements capturing by focusing on the straightforward part of the process (80/20 rule) and evaluated the exceptions to be scoped/out.
  • Introducing toll-gates and sign-offs and swapping out some of the original resources to bring in stronger talent.

DELL EMC transformed their business offering from a cost savings approach to digitization and automation.

  • Financial Benefits Totaling $2M+ per Year

Based on:

  • Reducing the required FTEs resulting in a yearly cost savings of $125,000
  • Automating Renewal Quotes saving $600,000 annually
  • Negotiating with outside service provider to communicate that they need to implement RPA as well


  • Decreasing the "cost per transaction" significantly • Increasing accuracy of the automated process outputs to 100% • Increasing new business opportunity close rates due to significant decreases in cost • Changing the perception of GBS from a low-cost internal provider to an innovator