Google searching for AI answers? A flexible mindset should do it! [Podcast]

Katie Sadler

Google’s Yuval Dvir believes a willingness to be ready and available for change is essential for the future workforce


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“Artificial intelligence (AI) is a particular favorite or mine…I'm happy to share knowledge and insights, not just on the technology, but how to implement it with all the complexities that we have in the workplace and in our lives,” said Yuval Dvir, Head of Online Partnerships, Google Cloud.

Ahead of his virtual presentation at AI Live APAC (17-19 July, 2018), Dvir explained to AIIA's editor Seth Adler why it's important to learn from others in different industries and segments. 

“On one hand everyone is facing the same thing—dealing with the avalanche of technology. On the other hand, there are nuances and slight differences which really matter.”

"There's a huge benefit of working with like-minded people who are ahead of the curve"

Coining the term the ‘Tech Savviness Range’, Dvir believes there are vast differences between Fortune 500 companies on the AI implementation curve and the benefits of collaboration are clear.

“Depending where on that range these companies are, you get a different sets of opinion, different sort of problems and challenges. There's a huge benefit of working with like-minded people who are ahead of the curve, that are thinking fast, but also there's a lot of benefit and reward of bringing along on the journey other companies from more traditional industries.”


Key takeaways from this week’s AIIA podcast

No one-size-fits-all

“Taking an off-the-shelf product that works beautifully in one company and trying to implement it in another company won't work. You need to be very, very aware of those subtle differences in the specific DNA of each organization.”

Stay on the move

“Investigate how to leverage technology for the future of the business. Innovation has always been throughout mankind, the change that we're seeing right now is much faster than we've ever experienced before. I think a lot of CEOs and top-notch executives understand that what brought them here is not what's going to keep them here or maybe get them there.”

Changing minds

Commenting on the future workforce, Dvir believes we need to be prepared for greater adoption of AI and machine learning and recommends a flexible mindset which is ready and available to change. “Unfortunately, the industry doesn't really support that much of a change, so with all the technology." 

Interested in hearing more from on Google's AI plans? Yuval Dvir will be speaking at AI Live APAC, an online event that you can attend for free and from anywhere in the world. Register today.

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