[Podcast] Scaling automation: 'build your own technology if you have to'

Katie Sadler

Offer creative feedback to vendors and generate a customized product that will address pain points, advises Marek Sowa

CodingPhoto by Carl Heyerdahl on Unsplash

Determined to speak the same language as his programming colleagues, Marek Sowa set about teaching himself coding to better understand disruptive technologies.

“Part of my role at Bank of Ireland is to look at other technologies and understand what they do. Even if we are not using them right now, how they might disrupt our customers, our surrounding environment, and potentially how we might embed them in current operations to deliver value to our stakeholders,” he explained to AIIA Network Podcast host, Seth Adler.

“Push up your sleeves and start coding… a year ago I couldn’t write single line of code”

Tune in as Sowa and Adler discus what’s next for customer service and disruptive technologies in banking industry and how far he and the team can push the boundaries to meet customer expectations—no matter the time, place or service need.

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3 key takeaways from this week’s AIIA podcast

Ensure automation doesn’t create boundaries

“We started working with technologies that would allow us to collate client feedback. I questioned whether it creates a boundary. We want to automate as much as possible. We want to digitalize everything—back or middle and ready and available. As a customer of certain banks, I recognized that it really imparts on how I do daily banking. It's no longer a relationship; it's actually a service provider kind of thing. I want to recognize the pain when I'm trying to call customer service.”

Talk to staff on the frontline

“Maybe they’re not developers but they are the people who you really want to listen to—they understand your customers. If you want to talk about customer service, first have a chat with people who are responsible for that area.”

Redefine the plan and understand the technology

Make sure you understand the technology and your company definition. Redefine the plan and the outcome you're trying to get. Understand what's available on the market and select the best vendors. Understand their technology and maybe try to replicate what they do!

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