SCALING UP w/Circle K & BNP Parabas

An exclusive roundtable exclusively for corporate enterprise practitioners

Seth Adler

The AIIA Roundtable is only open to corporate enterprise practitioners who have completed the AIIA Survey .

August 13th is the first Digital AIIA Roundtable. We’ve previously announced Tony Sadanha’s session, “How We Set Up The P&G CoE."

We’ve now added a second session: SCALING UP: Truly Scaling IA Through Your Entire Global Enterprise

You’re probably most familiar with Couche-Tarde’s Circle K and your certainly familiar with BNP Paribas.

Janette Fjeldstad, Couche-Tarde and Marcin Nowakowski, BNP Paribas lead an interactive conversation around scaling up to an exclusive “closed door” community of like-minded corporate enterprise AI & AI practitioners:

SCALING UP: Truly Scaling IA Through Your Entire Global Enterprise

  • You’ve executed your PoC
  • You’ve proved the automation business case through the implementation of 10-100 processes
  • You’re either on the precipice of, or have implemented automation in a number of end-to-end processes
  • You’re ready to scale to true global intelligent automation
  • What are the key principles to ensuring success when scaling intelligent automation globally?

Also on the agenda


Tony Saldanha is presenting to this exclusive “closed door” community of corporate enterprise AI & AI practitioners .

Tony’s focus on innovation and digital transformation is steadfast. He’s been doing it for decades. It’s with that ethos that he set out to set up the Proctor & Gamble Center of Excellence.

We’re honored to have Tony presenting how he and the team accomplished that goal. He’ll discuss

How We Set Up the P&G CoE

  • The state of play at the onset of the project
  • The tentpole changes which we affected to get it off the ground
  • The immediate changes made in the initial months of operation
  • Key lessons learned along the way
  • Key concepts for remaining on track How do you gain access to the presentation?

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The AIIA Roundtable is August 13th

The survey is open-ended and will take you a bit of time to complete…but there are only 9 questions!

The fact that we actually want you to think about the questions is by design as the community we’re building is comprised of and meant to serve you and your corporate enterprise practitioner colleagues. So brace yourself, this will actually take you 15 whole minutes to think about and complete. If you can’t answer every question right now- that’s ok, answer what you can answer.


The AiiA Roundtable is a "closed door" corporate enterprise practitioner community. We'll bring the AiiA Roundtable together for an exclusive digital event once a quarter where we'll discuss use cases and cases studies in a "closed door" environment. Solution provider input is extremely valuable. It’s equally valuable for you to have an opportunity to network with only like-minded executives.