Top tips for intelligent automation success from Jorgen Lislerud

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Seth Adler

The AI & Intelligent Automation Network is asking key practitioners for five quick lessons learned from their intelligent automation journey

Intelligent automation“The RPA initiative has to be led and driven by people with process and business thinking”. Photo by dylan nolte on Unsplash

Next up is Managing Director of Circle K Business Centre, Jorgen Lislerud. Jorgen recently participated in the company’s gargantuan corporate rebrand, making Circle K a truly global organization, ‘representing convenience and delivering great customer experience.’

That rebrand informs Jorgen’s actions in intelligent automation. Improving the customer experience is the goal for any potential process where automation is being considered.

Wherever “there's an ocean of data moving in different systems, there is something for robotics,” he says.

But Jorgen doesn’t see intelligent automation as a silver bullet.

“It's really important to understand that RPA does not solve everything. When you have a problem or you have a big manual process you need to look into all the different alternatives you have. Should we do a proper solid lean process here? Is it about integration between different systems? Or, is it actually something for RPA? There are many different alternatives.”

Here, he summarizes his top 5 lessons learned from intelligent automation:

  1. “The RPA initiative has to be led and driven by people with process and business thinking.”

  2. “RPA is still IT – and IT must be an equal partner, not just ‘involved’ in RPA efforts.”

  3. “RPA is great  just not as great as its sales pitch. RPA is NOT easy, business alone CAN’T do it and it is a 24/7 method if you monitor it 24/7.”

  4. “Organizational and process readiness for robotics is not on the necessary level: to robotize the right processes, you have to make them right.”

  5. “The goal of RPA is not to use RPA: The real value of RPA is used when you understand why and where this tool can deliver.”

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